Monday, July 12, 2010

Pass out the fish!

I've been considering miracles because, simply, Gods been working on my behalf. And as I pondered how to act, and live, while living within Gods provision I pondered one idea that screams inside my head with it's own importance.

You have to pass out the fish!

When the little boy showed up with his few little fish and tiny bit of bread, Jesus took hold of it and it instantly became potential for a miracle.
Jesus wasn't holding one loaf of bread and suddenly was surrounded by piles of bread.

The miracle began when the disciples handed out piece of bread, after piece of bread. Piece of fish after piece of fish. The miracle begins when you begin using what God hands you and trust Him to make it last through all 5,000 people.

Whatever your situation is, whatever you are facing, whatever you need God to provide - use what He's given you. Pass out the fish. Pour the oil. Use the last bit of meal.
Use it. Use it trusting, believing, knowing in faith that He who has provided will provide.


shasha said...

I love this's very true!and it has been one of my realizations lately. that to give back what you have is what makes this life more meaningful. nice post!

flyawaynet said...

Hi Shasha, thanks. I can think of no easier way to multiply what a person has than to give it away ---- it's just awfully nerve wracking!

Linda said...

Not to contradict you, but I think the miracle actually begins when you hand over all that you have to God. We sometimes have to be complicit in the working of the miracle by simply being willing to release what we have to Him. Funny thing is that what we have might be lunch or it might be eating our lunch! Either way, Jesus can work the miracle. We just have to trust enough to let Him.

And that simple act is what is sometimes so infinitely hard to do.

Beautiful post--congratulations on your move!

flyawaynet said...

Absolutely Linda, I agree. I don't think it's contradictory at all. That's part of using the meal, pouring the oil, passing out the fish. The little boy gave his fish, the disciples gave what was handed to them, the lady used the meal, the woman and her sons gathered jars and just kept pouring the oil. The boy began a miracle by handing his fish to Jesus. But one skeptical disciple could have ruined the miracle by saying "There isn't enough for everyone so I'm going to eat this bite rather than hand it out"

Linda said...

I actually spoke with my pastor about this post today and my take on the beginning of the miracle. He gave me the word I was lacking--surrender. That is when the miracle begins. After that, who can mess it up? No one. Because Jesus uses the skeptics to provide his proof. After all, He knew when He selected Thomas that he was a man of two minds. It was no accident that Christ chose a doubter for a disciple for most of us wrestle with our beliefs from time to time (preaching to the choir now, right?). It's that doubt that causes us to seek for proof and the seeking brings us closer.

Voila! Another miracle!