Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Adopting Precious.

So... as many of you know I'm planning to adopt my Precious. She's now 4 days shy of being 9 months old. Army crawls, but no actual crawling. She did, however, pull herself up last Saturday into a standing position for a bit.
She is beautiful, and I full intend to share pictures as soon as I'm legally able to do so. I'll also happily tell you her real name then too!

Meanwhile, I'm preparing. As we sit on day 56 out of 90 of our 90 days of waiting I've begun to work hard to get all my little ducks in a row. Part of that is preparing for life after foster! This blog, is officially my part time job now. I will work at it each evening, and do my utmost to write something interesting, or thought provoking, or even funny maybe (I've heard it's not impossible for me to be funny), and hopefully gain all of your attention.

I don't do this JUST for Precious, because my life is not about her.

It's about serving God.
As a Christian, I am His body, I am His arms, and hands, and feet.
I am called to live out His heart here in this world, and He most absolutely has a heart for these children.
Abused, neglected, born with addictions and handicaps due to drug use, or handicapped now due to severe abuse. Heart/emotional handicaps as they learn how to actually trust humans when they've proved so untrustworthy in the past, the inability to attach emotionally to someone else thanks to constantly being moved from one home and  "mommy" to another.

I'm asking folks to click on the advertising links you'll find on this blog (at the bottom of each post) because in doing so, you're giving money without ever sending a single penny. I'll never ask you, any of you for a penny, because I'm fond of the George Mueller method of simply telling someone what is going on and how to be involved and then simply trusting God for the financial ability to do what He's telling me to do.

God provides for His work.

And you can help by simply being faithful to this blog and giving any of my advertisements a look-see (no purchase necessary).

Primarily, my writing controls the content of the advertisements, so I hope to mostly see religious/christian/family safe items there. But if you EVER see anything inappropriate, please let me know immediately.

If you're reading this blog; if you're one of the many people that have favorited me, or subscribed via google reader, or simply a regular google searcher for "this-walk" or "flyawaynet" - thank you.
I am praying that God gives me words to write to you, as I commit to posting far more often than I have been as of late.
But I'm here now. Commited to doing my part to seeing this blog work for God. It's not about Precious. It's about all the Precious ones out there that need a home.
Consider opening your own home (instead of just clicking a link for me).

Thank you all!

Lord Jehovah is merciful and cherishing; he is patient and his grace is abundant. Psalms 145:8


Anonymous said...

the Click Campaign is underway! i'm sharing this with all of my students today.

flyawaynet said...

Awesome Linda, thanks. :)