Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A click is not enough

I've asked people to click on the ads on my blog, because those clicks produce money which ultimately helps me not just adopt Precious, but begins the advancement of something long coming.

Doing more.

Doing more is simply about taking advancing steps, rather than continuing further in the same steps. This walk of mine is not a long road so much as it is a mountain to be climbed. Higher and higher. This is not just about one orphan, or two orphans living in my home. It's not about the fact that these are my 8th and 9th kiddos and my hope for the 10th and 11th along the way. It's about the fact that I've adjusted to what I'm doing and I love that God gets more glory when I do things I'm not accustomed to.

God, using the same creativity and wildness that created the most unusual of animals, to the most exquisite of flowers, looks deep into our lives and - if allowed - will create something that draws someones eyes to the oddity of it all, and most often to the impossibility of it all.

While you have been asked to click, I don't want anyone to simply click. A click costs nothing but a few seconds of time. God desires so much more. He wants you to pay a price, the simple, inconsequential cost of something as mundane as your life - Have you really seen your life lately? Farmville? Really? - and once that small fee is paid opening access and free will to the one that you claim is Lord of your life, you'll see just what your Lordship might actually produce with the small pittance you just gave over to Him.

I say it lightly and with a smile, because I know what I've given away and what I've held onto and sometimes, I can't even imagine why on earth I've still held on. Even the small tastes I've seen of the future make my mind and heart imagine things so big that they stun me with the unreality of it. No, that couldn't possibly be my little life I'm imagining.

So click I ask, for my sake. But for your own sake, give your life to Jesus. Place it in His hands and quit seeking the latest baseball scores, and the most interesting recipe. Stop trying to juggle your kids karate, soccer, music, cheer, dance, and chess schedules, and lead them into something with a slight twist.

Changing the world.

Unless of course you know a great way to change the world by mastering "Mary had a Little Lamb" on the violin; in which case by all means carry on. :)

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