Friday, October 21, 2005

Blog Surfing

I regularly stop by the blogs I've linked to on here. I really enjoy them or I wouldn't link to them. So when I dropped by gratitude & hoopla I found myself face to face with a topic that I enjoy the most, "Passion!", I was very pleased. I thought I'd share some of it. Hope you don't mind Bob. :)

-----The following is an excerpt from gratitude & hoopla
Are You Whole-Hearted?

Are you whole-hearted? I know I'm not. Seldom even close. In fact, I can say in all truth that the most whole-heartedness I have ever known has been has probably been with regard to sin. I have been pretty-near whole-hearted about that at times? Not going into details, mind you.

I was whole-hearted at the birth of my children. At my wedding? Well, mostly numb, I confess. I have on occasion been whole-hearted about the Red Sox (shallow me). Once, as a boy, running down an alley with a bully following close behind crying murderous threats, I ran with all my heart! Another time, I sat on my back porch and read the last pages of How Green Was My Valley, and cried with all my heart.

But the sad fact is, mostly I'm half-hearted. My fervor has a tendency to wane, and my passionate intensity is always accompanied by doubt. I take this to be "the human condition," more or less. That's why appeals to passion always fall short, or so it seems to me. Pep-rally fervor is followed by take-out-the-trash mundane reality. There is glow, then there is after-glow, then there is, well, hardly-any-glow-at-all. That's life. I find myself keenly empathetic with the fellow who cried to Jesus, "Lord I believe. Help my unbelief." [Mark 9:24] Yeah, that's me.
Bob goes on to talk about how the most important part of actions isn't that passion so much as it is the right convictions. Which I agree with completely. May we all begin to pray for right convictions AND passion to fulfill them.

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