Monday, October 10, 2005

Good morning,

It seems like every time I take up a new hobby I lose and old one. So, I'm going to just have to work a bit harder to make sure that I keep posting regularly. I've been in a chat room lately. It's a old one for me because I've been cyber friends with the people that run it for the past 9 years or so now. It's Hands Around the World on Starlink-irc . It's a good place to hang out. I've noticed that I tend to head there when the stresses of life are getting a bit more than I want to tussle with. I guess this ended up as more of a commercial than anything else. But that's what I've been doing. I'll post more often. Promise. :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yahoo launches open podcasts directory
I was at the TechCrunch HQ tonight and learnt about the latest embargo expiring at 9PM PT tonight: Yahoo was about to release an open podcast directory, which will be available on once the ...
Hey, you have an awesome blog here! Keep it up. I have a citizen watch site. It pretty much covers citizen watch related stuff.

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