Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh Come ON!

3am in the morning and I'm out in the cold rolling newspapers into bags. It's not bad work (especially since I'm a big fan of the extra cash it brings in), but it's not exactly the highlight of my morning. So, I'm never Ms. Happy Joyful when I'm doing this. That might be the reason why when I saw this I began formulating possibly my longest tirade yet. Since I'm trying to restrain myself somewhat, I believe that my tirade against Burger King taking away their ketchup dispenser and keeping all ketchup packets behind their counter so you had to ask for each and every one was a bit longer that this one. Who can figure my priorities?
Anyway, I was rolling a newspaper, so I was looking at the articles as they pass by me. It was this article that caught my attention.
In case you're not going to take the time to read it, I'll tell you about it.
This church is doing sunday school lessons on the spiritual... ok hold on... that word is worth repeating the s p i r i t u a l lives of....... The Simpsons. OH COME ON!
Now you know where my title came from.
Ok ok, my old church did a sunday school series on Bonanza? No wait, it was Little House on the Prairie. Based on those.. I'm getting just a little frustrated. Granted, the last line of the article I actually agree with, it says "No matter what TV or movies you watch, there's God in it," Mr. Reinarz said. "You just have to learn to apply it."
I just think we shouldn't be trying all this 'hype' to get people into our church. We've wandered SO far from where we could be. The signs and wonders God said we could do....the FIRE of the Holy Spirit that we are suppose to use....the GOSPEL that we're suppose to preach. Where is it? When is the last time you heard a preacher actually say, THIS, see this , it's sin! DON"T DO IT. Farther down those lines, when is the last time you ever heard some one preach as though if he didn't get his point across, someone might go to hell. Ok, let's take this a bit further and make this personal. When is the last time YOU approached someone as though if you didn't tell them about God they might end up in hell?
When is the last time you read your bible? memorized scripture? spent serious (not just praying over your meals) but serious time in prayer? We're bad examples. The self that we're working towards this entire life through will return to nothing, the soul that we will of left unattended to except for Sunday morning services will live on. The crowns and glory we receive in heaven is based off what we do on earth.
What are you doing? Me? I'm typing a blog. Is God going to claim my blog as a witness and give me credit for it? I don't know. Does God care that I think studying the Simpsons instead of HIM is wrong? Well, I doubt He's concerned about the simpsons at all. Does anything happen when I blog? No. But you know what happened when I prayed? It wasn't one year later that the Burger King that withheld it's ketchup from me went out of business. Coincidence?

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J. W. Poteet II said...

I only wish it was Little House on the Prairie. It was the Andy Griffith show which gave way to the Beverly Hillbillys.