Monday, November 28, 2005

Can you make mashed potatoes?

I meant to drop a post on here and tell y'all what I was thankful for this year. I forgot, so unfortunately this Thanksgiving post is after the Christmas post. I wonder if blogspot lets me move them around? oh well. Moving on, I'm a relatively thankful person generally, but I could think of nothing that I was especially grateful for this year. Until I went to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner. For those that don't know me, I'm single, and I possess a klutz gene when it comes to cooking. I can cook. But it appears that sometime during the cooking process the klutz gene comes out and things go haywire. I've broiled cakes, several of them now (forgot to take the oven off preheat) even broiled a few meals that weren't expecting to be broiled. Attempted to make boxed Mac and cheese without the key ingredient of milk. Add the powder to the noodles and see what happens. :) It doesn't look good. After one presentation of it to the lady in charge of the church fellowships, she began just asking me to donate money. It was truly sad. But, on Thanksgiving afternoon I sat down to a whole table of 'real' food. Home made mashed potatoes, that I can't even begin to describe how wonderful they were, turkey, dressing, rolls, it was like heaven. Except I presume God can cook better than my mother. But, you don't realize how big a blessing home cooked food is until you live off tv dinners and sandwiches for awhile. I still remember the last time I tried to cook. It wasn't so horrible, but it was a lot of work for just one person. So this year, I'm thankful that I have family to go to, I'm thankful they're old fashioned and didn't want to go to Luby's or something for dinner or have it catered or something. I thankful that I had to stir gravy, I'm thankful that I have somewhere to go. It won't always be there for me, I know that. But one day maybe I'll grow out of this klutzy part and be able to cook myself. But for now, I'm thankful for holding hands around my mom's long sought after round table (she's always wanted one) and giving God our thanks for the food.
So, Thank you Lord, for all that and more.

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