Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Which are you?

I stopped off at Jack in the Box to find supper last night. I accepted my food gratefully *truly, I was starving* and was about to drive off. The lady in the window leans out offering me one of those Jack antenna balls. She even took a moment to ask if I wanted the reindeer looking one or the party hat one. I swear, this made my day. I was laughing and telling her thank you, contemplating naming my ball Mr Jackers because it seemed like Jack was too simple a name for such a clever looking party Jack. :) And I realized something... People are whatever is inside them. If you're a happy person, then the littlest thing will make you happy. If you're an angry person, the littlest thing will make you angry, if you're a fearful person, the littlest thing will make you fearful. If you're a sad person, the littlest thing will make you sad. So the question for today is Which are you?
On my way home from Jack in the box, while I was contemplating this post I was trying desperately to just not cry because I remember being the angry and fearful person. I remember it, and the despair and frustration of it like it was yesterday. But in the last 3 years, Praise God! He's worked such a change in my life. My joy is truly overflowing and I'm h a p p y. You don't realize what a blessing it is unless you've been without that happiness. So let me just tell you, where ever you are, whichever you are, God can change it. God is love, God is joy, God is peace. He can work all those things in you. BUT, it comes at a cost.
I went walking with a fearful person a while back, and when a car pulled into the parking lot at the park we were walking at, the fearful person said we should go. We didn't know what those people were about and so we should leave. I, being the sensitive soul I am HA!, began immediately lecturing about how God didn't give us the spirit of fear and such. But, for her to not be fearful, she would of had to do something far more scary than whatever the people in that car might of done. She would of had to give over complete trust to God for her welfare and protection. The phrase "It's not about me, It's about God" comes to mind right now. Nothing here, is about you. It's all about God. Your life, your death, your joy, your fears, your anger, your sadness, it's all about God. Give all of you, to all of Him, and expect something big to happen. It doesn't happen over night. I'm 3 years down my road... wow, 4 years come this January. But 4 years into this walk leaves me overwhelmed with joy and wonder. I can only imagine 20 years more. God loves you. Trust Him to protect you so you won't be afraid. Trust Him to avenge you so you won't be angry. Trust Him to keep His promises towards you, so you won't be sad. God loves you. I just want to keep saying it until people finallyget it. God loves you. It's a love you can't imagine, for reasons that don't make sense to us. But it's still just as true. God loves you. Love Him back.

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Tera said...

I know which I am.... I am the PARANOID person... of course, some of this is due to illness.

God bless