Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chuck Lorre Letter

For awhile I enjoyed the show Dharma and Greg. It was interesting, and I liked "Dharma" from the movie "Keeping the Faith" so I started watching it. After every episode though, a screen would appear with a lot of writing on it and I always wondered what it said. It seemed to change every single episode and it seemed to be something interesting, rather than all the copywrite gobbledegook. Finally, thanks to the invention of TIVO I've paused it and read it. This it what it says.

Chuck Lorre Productions
An open letter of apology

Dear Me,
Over the years I have resented you for not being athletic enough, brave enough, funny enough, smart enough, talented enough, handsome enough, rich enough, admired enough, educated enough, New- York enough, out-going enough, quiet enough, old enough, young enough, loving enough, loved enough. I have demanded perfection from you and have found you wanting. The result of this obsession with perfection has been to make you terrified of failure and ridicule, angry at any and all obstacles, and finally, incapable of enjoying the bounty that was not only around you, but within you as well. Well, all that's about to change. From now on, I'm going to make every effort to love and accept you as you are. But since bad habits die hard, I'll start with something easy. From now on, you're old enough.

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Tera said...

I love that show! Although I have not noticed that little statement at the end.... very interesting. Greg reminds me a lot of my ex-husband in his looks, definately not personality though!

I'm so glad you're not blogless anymore... now my world can begin spinning again :)

God bless