Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rescue me

This past couple of months have been very difficult for me. I'm struggling with some things and it leaves me at a loss of what to say on here. I'd rather this be an encouraging blog, rather than one filled with discouragement and questions that bring you down if you don't find the answers either.
I was reading this morning from Judges 10, and in it the children of Israel were upset because they had lost to another country and they had been oppressed for the last 18 years. Finally they cry out to God for help. Here's the conversation they had after they asked for God's help.

11 The LORD replied, "When the Egyptians, the Amorites, the Ammonites, the Philistines, 12 the Sidonians, the Amalekites and the Maonites oppressed you and you cried to me for help, did I not save you from their hands? 13 But you have forsaken me and served other gods, so I will no longer save you. 14 Go and cry out to the gods you have chosen. Let them save you when you are in trouble!"
15 But the Israelites said to the LORD, "We have sinned. Do with us whatever you think best, but please rescue us now." 16 Then they got rid of the foreign gods among them and served the LORD. And he could bear Israel's misery no longer.

I am wondering at the situation that I'm mucking through right now. I have to say, I fully agree with the sentiments of the children as they said "Do with us whatever you think best, but please rescue us now".

There is good news in this story though. He could bear Israels misery no longer. He was bearing it, He wasn't enjoying their misery, he was bearing their misery until He couldn't any longer. I know God has a special favor towards the children of Israel and the Jews, but He loves me too. I can only hope and pray that God bears through my misery and at some point, He will be moved with compassion and will rescue me.
I'm tired, and my only hope for relief is in Him. And my faith lies in the fact that He is the surest place in which to place my hope.
Are you doing the same?

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