Friday, March 24, 2006

Surrendering your ... um...

In a book I was reading last night, part of this one persons narrative jumped out at me. She said Obedience is the giving up of ourselves. It means taking our hands off our own selves and letting other hands remake us. Sometimes it means standing by and not doing what we would choose to do because we know that there's a love and goodness doing it's own work in us. Obedience is surrender - surrender to God, and surrender to the authority of those He puts over your care.
Then a short chapter later...
At some point in the Christian life, we begin to see what it might cost us. And in spite of it all, we go on. Because what is in us is not of man, but of God... But first there had to be the laying-down -- that place where we are carried where we would not go.

That leaves me wondering, have I ever really and truly reached that point where I was forced to lay down everything of myself and leave it in His hands? Have you? No matter how much we discuss surrendering to God's will, and no matter how many times we sing I surrender all, it's all pointless words unless we are actually willing to do it.
Are you willing to lay everything down and put it in God's hands? Your family, your children, your job, your health, your finances, your church, your vacations, your free time, your self-esteem?
I can easily tell you, anything you give up for Christ is 100% worth it. But nothing worth anything has ever come easily or cheaply. But as time goes on, I realize that a lot in my life has been easy, and cheap. And that's not what I want to leave behind me when I die. I intensely want to scorn the cheap and easy, to throw it in the garbage where it belongs and trade my life's time and work for something of value.
What do you want?

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