Thursday, March 23, 2006

What denomination are you?

I attended a church last night that for some reason didn't want to actually state they were Church of Christ. Their sign outside proclaims them to be Church of Christ, but it was dark when I drove up so I didn't see that. I remain clueless until the singing started and there were no instruments played. That's when I began inspecting their platform and noticed there were no instruments TO be played. Finally at the end of the service I asked them "Y'all are church of Christ aren't you?" The answer they gave me was a resounding "sort of" and "not really". They also tried to convince me that the only 'rule' they had in their church was that you couldn't condemn anyone. I suppose they might of said that because I was dressed up in a skirt and at least two of their women were wearing sweatsuit. Perhaps they felt I would be a little hard on them.
But, I've strayed from my point. What is so wrong with asking people what denomination they are? If you're familiar with different religions then instantly upon hearing the answer you have a good idea of what they believe. Why has it become so popular to simply respond "Christian" or something to that question? If I'm asking, obviously I'm asking because I want to know what you believe. So, what's wrong with telling people what you believe?
I'm Pentecostal
I believe, as a Christian, I will be going through the tribulation. I won't be raptured out before-hand.
I believe you CAN walk away from your salvation
I believe in being filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues
I believe in the trinity - God is God, Jesus is God, the Holy Spirit is God. They are three in one, and one God.
I believe the bible is clear *especially in Revelation* that instruments are used during singing.
I believe in baptism by immersion. And actually like the over-used phrase "Put 'em under till they bubble"
And last but not least
I believe, if you believe something you should know why you believe it. And you shouldn't be afraid to proclaim it. The most important thing to believe is that Christ died for your sins, and that through Him and His sacrifice you can receive salvation. Everything else seems to be secondary details. I don't want you to be ignorant about them, but neither do I think that if someone believes differently than you that they will go to hell.
Know what you believe and really believe it. Stand up for it with conviction. And whatever you do, don't be afraid to tell others what you believe when asked - or when NOT asked ;)


J. W. Poteet II said...

I stand and applaud. Excellent. I wish every one would read this. Truly fantastic.

Dazzler's Domain said...

I am definately born and raised Southern Baptist. Unlike you, I believe once saved always saved. I believe Christ died on the cross for each of my sins -- past, present, and future. Also, unlike you, I believe we will be raptured out before tribulation. But I'm not arguing w/ you, like you, I'm just simply telling you what I believe in. I'm Southern Baptist, have been all my life. Grew up in a Southern Baptist group home for Children.. have been a poster child for the Mother's Day Offering poster.

Like J.W. Said... I agree... it's great to stand up for your beliefs and let others know what you beleive in. Way to go. :)