Thursday, June 22, 2006

A night at my church

We had a terrific service Wednesday night, as Pastor preached about not leaving the temple the same way you came in (text from Ezekiel 46 vs 9). It was especially appropriate as God has been dealing with me about changing and it seems every time I'm at church the pastor mentions a need for us to change and consecrate ourselves. It didn't fail to happen this time as he mentioned that when they were going to the temple in that verse, it was for a solemn assembly, which he said is usually followed by a time of consecration. He then pointed out how that is a time of changing, and turning over the things we need to give up.

But then, towards the end of the service he made a quick decision to read us one more passage(Ezekiel chapter 47 vs 1 - 6). I won't restate the passage for you, because I want you to go read it. After reading us the passage, he began talking about how God can take us in where the water -Gods Spirit- is so deep we'd have to swim, but then He'll take us back to the bank, and we have to decide to go out that deep. Once again stating that we may have to let go of something to get that far out into the water (it is hard to swim while holding stuff). I really enjoyed the sermon.

He also earned a drop more respect from me (he's got a huge amount already) when he announced at the beginning of the service that we would be having service on Thursday because that was the only time this guy getting out of the hospital could make it to church. The man isn't saved, and he said he wanted to stand before the church and make a public profession. For some reason, when the pastor saw the man, the man kept saying that he'd see the Pastor Thursday, so the pastor just made the decision he would see the pastor at church on Thursday.A lot of people say they would like to win the lost, but they don't DO anything out of the ordinary to win them. My pastor isn't like that, and he's teaching me to do the same.
God has blessed us with a good pastor.

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