Monday, June 26, 2006

The strangest gift

Recently I had the specific push from God to give in the offering nearly every penny in my bank account. As it turned out God left me .59 cents. I spent the week scrounging for gas money and being extremely careful. In the absence of real food items (I'm single, so I am well acquainted with every restaurant in town) I ended up eating Eggo's for supper one night even. It was an odd week, and in it, I was driven back to my roots. I re-learned to exist without the extras. When I first gave the money, I sat back expecting God to do something for me, especially as I ate the last slices of bread. I waited for Ed Mcmahon to show up on my door. And sadly, he didn't arrive. It is only this week that I've realized what a gift it was that God gave me. My house is clean, my fridge is clean, I'm drinking water and limiting the unhealthy soda, I've spent more time doing things, rather than sitting around. Saturday I actually got around and did all the chores I'm suppose to do and don't always get done. You could say that the two things aren't related, you could say my blessing should have come back to me in finances and you could say I did some of this on my own. But I would tell you, that if I keep this up, I'll save more money than even I realize because eating out and buying some of those extras has cost me dearly for the past several years.
You can tell me it isn't God. You can tell me I've done this on my own. You can tell me it's pure coincidence.
But I won't believe you.


Keith Brenton said...

God has an out-of-this-world sense of humor.

And sense of everything else.

flyawaynet said...

Fortunately for me, He's also got an of-this-world sense of what I don't need!

kellygirl said...

I totally understand where you are husband/family have been going through a very similar situation. The lack of finances and needing to totally depend on Him. It is not easy when you are putting the livlihood of you children in His hands and walking by faith. But he will not see us suffer...God help me to keep my whole heart fixed on you.