Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting your own way

I type this with a grin stretching my cheeks to an extent that it is actually painful. Yet, nothing I've tried so far can temper this smile.
What makes me so happy?

Not getting my own way.

I've often told people that getting my own way all the time is not nearly as much fun as one might think. I watch only the tv shows I want to watch, I listen only to the types of music I enjoy, and I eat only the things I enjoy eating. Not that I skip veggies, but if you like sauerkraut, and your husband doesn't, I guarantee you even if he isn't forced to eat it the smell is enough to drive him from the home.
So, in the interest of not getting my own way I did something I don't like. While I was at the library last night *something I very much do enjoy* I stopped and looked at their cd's. They happened to have a cd called "Night Jazz", and I've often wondered if maybe, possibly this cd might be good. I've listened to jazz before and just couldn't make sense of it. Music has a rythym to it and, well, jazz doesn't. Except for whoever is that talented guy playing the drums, because while all the other instruments are going absolutely haywire (I'm almost convinced they're still tuning up) the drummer is playing a beat to a real song. And he's doing a difficult job skillfully.
I've made myself listen to the cd 4 times now (it plays as I drive) and quite frankly the sax player sounds more like the teacher in Charlie Brown cartoons than a musician. Then the song with the marimba comes on and literally makes me want to plug my ears.
I've heard jazz is soulful, and emotional and I believe it. Do you remember the last time you had a problem and you started thinking on it? One thought led to another and the next thing you knew so many thoughts were jumbled all over each other until finally with a forceful insistance you tried to just stop thinking about the problem?
Jazz is the music soundtrack to that.
Next time you watch a movie, and the main character is depressed and upset and goes to his darkened apartment, turn up the volume because I can almost guarantee you there's some jazz music playing.

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