Thursday, September 14, 2006

Renewed energy!

The quick quote I gave you earlier is still working in me. I'm excited to get home and get to work.
I've lately been seeing life as more of a "who can hold out the longest". When I get tired and I know there is a long road ahead of me so much about me changes. I talk less, move less, and when I attack a project it's with quietness and hardly any energy. Even the energy used to get excited takes a lot out of you.
But, with this quote I am reminded of Pauls statement that he has "run the race". There is a race to be run and while it is a marathon rather than a sprint, I need to remember it is a race. I'm pressing towards the prize. I'm not sitting still, I'm working. And I choose -note that word choose- to ride my work as a man rides a great horse; in a spirited and independent way; not a drudge.
Life is exciting, one excitement after another. One of the reasons people ride great horses in a spirited and independent way is because of the immediate feeling you get the moment you are astride that great horse. You're above the world, able to imagine the breeze in your face and the power underneath you.
I need all the reminders I can get to feel that way about God. To feel that passion and freedom, the power the guides me through each and every jump I have to make. I'll never leap over a 4 ft high fence on my own, but through the power of my ride, I'll jump even higher. I'll run farther than I could on my own, and I'll go faster than I could believe.
There is passion and excitement to be found in this life. Not because of anything on earth but because of the one that gets us through this time. Work until He comes, Press onward and fight the good fight. God is giving you eternity and He only wants you to work a scant lifetime until you get there.
Here on earth you work 40 yrs for a 401K that might last you 10. God's program is far better. You can reap eternity whether you've worked 1 day for him or every day of 90 yrs. But don't you want to do something for Him? Or are you content to sit at His table and do nothing.
I'm going to close with something that asks you not about God or the Devil, but about God or Yourself. And pray God forgive me for all the energy I spend serving only me.

Choose you this day whom you will serve.

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