Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What's your passion?

It's a serious question. So I want you to think about it.

I almost said it's most easily figured out by where your money goes. But, if that's the case, I'm passionate about getting out of debt. I'm very serious about getting out of debt, but that isn't where my passion is.
It hasn't always been this way, but my passion today lies with God. The direction of my life is solely to please Him.

Don't think I'm boasting, because if you could see how short I'm falling you'd be astounded.

I've realized very recently that I'm always getting into something. Always. Someone else recently commented on it somewhat also. They weren't specific, but it just reminded me again of how I'm always getting into something. As a general rule people don't always understand why I do the things I do though, and that's why I'm grown so adept at simply not telling them.
Through this blog though I've revealed more of it than I should I think. You already know I'm training for foster care, my last post admitted I'd invited a sick older man to live in my home, and before that I was writing about how nervous I was being in charge of feeding 50 people when my sis-in-laws grandmother passed away.
It's only quite suddenly that I've realized, that He's answered my prayer.
So often I've prayed that He would make me a blessing. Not having a family or raising children of my own made me realize that without those connections I could die one day and no one have been the richer for my having lived. So I prayed He'd make me a blessing. That He'd give me opportunities to reach out.
When I told/warned my mom about the offer I'd made to the man that was dying, she said that maybe it would never happen, but that I was just suppose to offer. Someone else just this morning said almost the same thing to me. It made me wonder. How many times have I told God I wouldn't do something, that it was just ludicrous and couldn't be from Him because it was just insane? Could it be that all or some of those times, God was just continually checking to see just how willing a vessel I was?
He never intended Abraham to kill his son. But He always intended Abraham to sacrifice his son. He sacrificed his son the moment he began the trip with his son and every step along the way.

It's with those thoughts that I return to my original question. What is your passion? If your passion is music, as someone that is passionate about music, I can promise you you'll seek it out and find it every day. The same is true for God. If your passion is Christ, you'll find Him in every day of your life. But just as I said with music, you have to seek Him out. You see, even when there is no music around once you have music in you, you will never be without music.
There are many people out there that know how to play an instrument. They may even play with a skill that so few can master. But, not all of those people are musicians. The same it true with Christ. You may speak the religious jargon, and do all the right things better than most, but that doesn't make you a Christian. The bible commands us to "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness".
So I ask you again, what is your passion?

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One Sided said...

Personal Growth in Christ would have to be first though sometimes it seems like it is second, because I get very excited about helping others discover and turn on to having Christ in their lives. I guess you can say "I love to tell the story".