Wednesday, June 03, 2009

An update on the fact that I can't update.

So, I returned from several days in Louisiana only to find that my internet has died at home.
So unless I go abuse the "House of God" again (I knew I would never regret setting my church up with wireless internet) I don't have the internet for awhile.

Supposedly internet activity will resume Monday. Between now and then, enjoy wondering about our progress - or at least some quiet blogging days.


Anonymous said...

hope you getting ready for the move is going well.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going well!
Jeremiah is graduating today , but will go back to his leadership camp for FFA within the hour of graduation. Let us know that you got there ok safe, sorry about using your blog for this, but I wanted you to know we were praying for you, and as usual, my cell is dead as we speak. Wish you the best, and as Seth would say, this is a new adventure!!!
Love you,
Layvon and Steve