Monday, June 15, 2009

Life is a lot more distracting...

That's why I haven't blogged much lately. I'm here, I'm able to blog, but there's so much activity that it's hard to find that quiet spot in my head. I miss that quiet spot in my head.
But around here, if you're AWOL, the kids immediately search you out in case you're doing something interesting.
I don't mind though - I want to make sure that is clear. I'm glad of it... case in point - I was just interrupted by my nephew who just stopped in to give me a hug. He was followed almost immediately by my niece who wanted to invite me to come see a movie that "you probably wouldn't like". Her words not mine.

But I did find myself at church on Sunday. Both services were really very good. The best part of it was Sunday mornings service in which the pastor taught on "atmosphere". What kind of atmosphere do you create? And in it I felt the freedom to not worry about being cheerful. To always have faith and to always rejoice in my God. With the few obvious exceptions where meeting people where they're at is required.

But, I won't mourn with you without faith. If I sit down and cry with you, it will be for a world of reasons but not with doubt that my God will supply all my needs. I won't doubt with you. And I also won't pout with you.

It's funny how on some days your faith feels invincible isn't it?

Right now, the two that were worried so much about money and work have both got jobs. In fact, one of them has two full time jobs he can pick and choose from.

And the incessantly cheerful person hasn't even gotten a phone call. It's interesting. Maybe I should worry more since it seems to produce results.

Instead, I just keep waiting. Something is going to happen... I just don't know what or when. It's certainly keeping me praying because I'd hate to miss it.

God is good. Really, truly, deep down, bone saturating good.

Even when He leaves you hanging.

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