Friday, June 26, 2009

Where God wants you...

It's.... odd... or at least hard to wrap my mind around how God takes time to know where I should be, where I should work, and who I should meet.

I got a little part time job babysitting while I continued looking for "real work". Then as I told people about my new job, I had more people than I stopped to count inform me that I needed to find work as a Nanny.

Almost as a joke, I responded to an ad on craigslist of all places. (I like craigslist, really, but craigslist has a bunnnnnch of scams.)
And the next thing I know, I'm a nanny.

To top it off, the mother liked me so much she wanted to offer me the job the same evening I interviewed (Her next two interviews were not scheduled until today.) That's simply called the favor of God preceding my interview because that's more than should be expected.

So... I'm a nanny. Crazy.

But at the same time as I write this putting in boldface the idea that God would care so much about the details of MY life. I know that as much as He loves me it really isn't so entirely about me.

It's about HIS work, being done in HIS timing, and HIS way.

Unfortunately, He's using a crack pot for a vessel, and I can only pray I get all of the "HIS" parts right, and hit a few less of the "I" parts.

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