Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hating your family

Good morning...

I was quickly checking through my list of blogs this morning when I came across this post by Bob over at "In the Clearing". He far more eloquently says a lot of what was on my heart when I ranted the other day - but he does it with a little less YELLING!

To make sure credit is given where it's due, in Bob's post that I'm linking you to "Our Discomforting Savior" he is offering his own thoughts on Michael Spencers (Internet Monk) post called "What did Jesus mean when he said we must “hate” our family?"

Here's a snip from both:

What’s challenging about so much of Luke 14 is how it seems to contradict so many things we take for granted as normal and moral, especially family.

A new landowner assumes he should go see what he’s bought. A farmer buys five oxen- a major purchase- and wants to examine them. A newlywed wants his honeymoon. (Deuteronomy 24:5 gave him a year at home!)

All of these become examples of excuse makers who are more interested in the normal routines of life than the Kingdom of God that is coming.

I would put myself- and all of you- squarely in the group Jesus is describing, by the way. If you think you aren’t an excuse maker who would rather inspect his oxen than enter the Kingdom, you’re not going to see the intent of Jesus.

In the parable where these examples are found (14:15-24), the man giving the banquet (God working through Jesus) must literally drag and force people to come to the banquet. (“Compel them to come.”) Eventually his house is filled with the crippled, the blind, the lame and the assumed uninvited and unwelcome.


Anyway, I think one of the most uncomfortable concepts of the Bible is that we who believe are "sent" for the purpose of the Gospel. We sing songs about being in the arms of Jesus, having our worry and fear subside as we remember that Jesus loves us, etc. All good. We get together and talk about our needs. When do we get together and talk about our mission? I'm just wondering. I'm sure we've all got cattle to look after, family matters to attend to, even a close relative's funeral to go to . . . then we can talk about following Jesus.

But our very discomforting Savior has another idea.

Have a great Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

i agree that those were interesting posts. bob comes up with some really good ones sometimes.