Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The day of.

I was a flight attendant when September 11th 2001 hit. I had just finished my flight attendant training, moved into an apartment in Euless, Tx. and was beginning a job I had dreamed about for years. I was watching the news footage when the 2nd plane flew into the tower. That's when I went outside and found my fellow classmates, the ones who had chosen that same apartment complex, and I remember we simply stood in shock.

I kept a newspaper from that day. Because that newspaper, looking at it, seems so irrelevant.
The top of the page headline of the Dallas Morning News that day? "Eject the tapes: A disc drive begins. Blockbuster says it will offer fewer movies on VHS, make room for growing DVD market."

The big picture in the middle of the front states "At age 60, Dallas Farmers Market labors to realize potential"

And the bottom of the page: "In Miami, a new tune divides hard-line, conciliatory Cubans: Latin Grammys flap underscores differences in stance toward island.

This newspaper, purchased on the very day so much changed for America, looks entirely clueless, irrelevant, foolish in the light of the actual news from that date.

Whats that have to do with anything?

I've walked around, very focused on the events of the coming weeks, when suddenly I received news today that made all my thoughts seem so very foolish. Simply unimportant.

So this post is just a reminder to my future self I suppose, that I want the headlines of every single day to read that I was thinking about the gospel of Christ, that I was thinking about those I love and praying for them, that I was thinking about the lost and praying for them.


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