Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hammond Louisiana & the new reading program

I'm currently in Hammond Louisiana.

I'll be here, helping my friends move into their new home until Tuesday afternoon, when I'll start the 8 hour trip back to my own little world. I'll be home Wednesday finishing up getting my house ready to move and then go back to work Thursday and Friday and then finish up my own move on Saturday.

Tonight is my only night in a hotel with the internet, which means that I won't have access to the internet until I return home on Wednesday. That is why I wanted to go ahead and write out the program I'll be starting tomorrow.

Back in early May, Glen over at "Christ the Truth" wrote about a program he was starting immediately, It's a program to read the Bible through in 90 days. Before I say anything else, I want to say I had planned on doing this beginning June 1st ever since I read about the program on his blog. This has nothing to do with my ranting post. Really.

But I actually do enjoy reading the bible, even when I read things I've already read, somehow I read them differently and gain new thoughts. And I'm excited about this new project. Though, admittedly, this first week is going to be incredibly hard to make sure and get it in along with everything else that's going on.

If anyone else is interested in joining, you can read his post for the full list of what you read each week. This week, (Sun thru Sat) the goal is to read through Genesis and Exodus.

I want to know the scriptures better than I do. I want these stories to be as well known and familiar to me as the stories of my own life. And while this is a summer with a lot of transitions, I want spiritual growth to be at the center of it.

I certainly don't want my excuse to be that there were too many transititions for me to spend time growing.

God bless.

Week 1: Genesis 1:1 - Exodus 40:38

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