Sunday, May 10, 2009

I gave more than I expected to give.

Dear God,

Yesterday I went to Pro-Cuts to get a hair cut. As You know, I spent many months growing my hair out so that I can donate it to Locks of Love. After 14 long months of growing I had at least 11 inches to cut off and send to the program.

But, you see, when I went to Pro-Cuts I told them what I was doing, and they put my hair in a pony tail and chopped the large donation piece off. It turned out to be around 13 inches.

That was alright.

Then they started trimming my hair to make it even all the way around. I was a little surprised because they were trimming a whole lot more than I expected off, but... once the first few cuts are made I didn't see any way around completing the project. So the woman finished trimming and I walked out a little surprised that I had so little hair left.

I admit, I complained about it a lot. It's hard to get used to having a load of hair to.. well, having so little.

But... for some reason, I started thinking about You.

And I began thinking about how You gave more than You planned. You expected to be beaten, and killed.

But they whipped You more than was necessary.

They hit You, and spit on You.

You endured people that You loved and had done so much for yelling "Crucify Him!"

When all you really had to do was die.

But You gave so much more than Your life.

...... and You didn't complain.

So I guess, I just wanted to write and say how grateful I am for what You did. I appreciate that when You saw they were going to be meaner than they needed to be, that You didn't call the angels down to save you so that You could do it again later "the right way".

You finished what You started.

So, I know it's strange to write it all this way, but... I just wanted to write a letter thanking You.

I love You.

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