Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Compassion Project

I completely get that this isn't a very interactive blog. I really do.
But I'm not going to let that stop me from pulling myself out of journal mode and sitting down with you - YOU - and telling you about something new I'm joining into.

The bugs are being worked out, so nothing has happened yet but details will be forthcoming soon.



Here's the deal.

CoolDad, aka Eric, over at "Are We Still Cool?" wrote about an idea where people that can't afford to sponsor a child through Compassion could all unite together and sponsor one. His initial suggestion was that if 33 people joined in, each of us could put in 12 dollars a year and our collective child could be taken care of with us only having to find $12 bucks a year in our budget.

So far 6 people (myself included) have joined in which has us all committed to producing $5 a month.

Right now, especially at this moving time, I can't afford an extra $33 each month - but I can do $5.

So if you're at all interested in joining, go over to Erics blog and drop a comment on this post and he'll contact you and put you in the program. (The more participants the lower the monthly fees will be. For example - if two of you join, the collective dues would go down to approximately $4 bucks a month).

I get that money is tight, and I get that not everyone has a burden for these kids, and I hope you know not to feel badly for not coughing up money to join the program. But I wanted to tell you about it because if it's at all possible, I really do hope you'll join us.

And I mean that from the bottom of my heart to all of you. Whoever you are. :)

Oh, and not to guilt trip you or anything - but I found this a while back and have been saving it for this post because I like the challenging message to it.

In his message he told the story of how he decided to give away a large sum of money he earned. And he ended the story by saying that some people ask him if it’s wise to give it all away. “Shouldn’t you be more moderate in your generosity?” they essentially ask. “Shouldn’t you put some of it away in case of emergency?”
To which Chan answered, “Are you saying that what’s happening in ‘the developing world’ isn’t an emergency? ...Oh, you mean an emergency that involves me. Because if it doesn’t involve me then it’s not a real emergency right?”

(Credit: I found the quote at "Gospel Driven Church", who found it quoted on Shaun Groves blog. The quote is actually by Francis Chan.)

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