Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A quote - Spiritual Maturity

As someone who has a definite tendency to over-personalize my faith (I'm often re-evaluating if I'm not focused enough on the Holiness of God when I make Him so very personal) I really enjoyed this post from Jeff Weddle's blog "Anti-Itch Medititation".

Here's just a snippet:

So, what is “spiritual maturity?” I would answer it like this.

A person who has made steps in their transformation into Jesus Christ. A person who is actively following God’s Word, being taught, being humble, exercising love and the fruit of the Spirit, is overcoming sin, Satan and the world and has taken steps to lead others to Christ and has the “scars” to prove it. In other words, one who loves the Lord our God with all his heart, soul and mind and loves his neighbor as himself.

Knowing Christ is not like knowing your golf buddies. This is the eternal, holy God we are dealing with. The holy God who had to kill His own Son just to be able to stomach you being in His presence. Let’s not be overly-familiar in our flippant terminology with He whose ways are past finding out.

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