Thursday, July 23, 2009

My God shall supply... Himself.

So obviously, I've been looking for work since moving here. That information certainly hasn't been classified. I've been on several interviews, and usually walked away thinking "Yeah, it's a job but I wouldn't enjoy it."

But then one job came along. It was a special job that I'm still surprised I took the time to apply for. It seemed ridiculous to even try. It was completely different from anything else I applied for.

And I walked away from it and I told God that there wasn't any chance of getting it but "God, that's the job I want."

And today, they offered me the job.

Now that the initial happy dance is over, my heart is still simply looking to God almost with embarrassment. "God, it's so good... You didn't have to do this." It's a gift of truly thoughtful proportions. I've received gifts of monetary proportions before, and while surprised at them I was not usually overly impressed.

But when my great-grandmother, a woman that I'd never met, didn't even realize she existed, left me a crocheted afghan when she passed away - her gift is still a treasured keepsake displayed where ever I go.

This job, the fact that it was the only one that I stopped to say "That's the one God", just reminds me how very blessed I am. He's done so very much - He didn't have to do more. But my God doesn't work that way. He doesn't give until He decides it's "enough". He gives from abundant mercy that is new every morning. From abundant favor that never fades away. No matter how foolish I am sometimes.

My God shall supply all my needs, just as I said yesterday, and He has supplied all my needs.
Because more than anything else - I just need Him.


Anonymous said...

God is so good :)

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linda said...

I'm glad you and your job have been connected!