Friday, July 24, 2009

Newest sidebar additions. Updating my blog.

It's been quite a while since I updated the information on my sidebar concerning links. A few that were over there weren't really good anymore and considering how long my list is that I'm going through every day I knew I was missing several key bloggers that ought to be read.

So if you look at the sidebar, you'll see it's been updated, but I thought I'd try and give you a little help in figuring out which ones you might like. I might not be able to tell you much about each one, but hopefully most of them will get a description.

  • Anti-itch Meditation This blog is one of my top 3. If you've been checking out links in my reader feed on the side bar, several have come from here.
  • A Place For The God-Hungry Ok, no real description on this, just Christian Living. Good insights.
  • Bring The Rain This is a blog from a mom who started the blog because of a tragic diagnosis concerning her unborn baby. She was given (I believe) 2 hours with the child after birth before her daughter, Audrey Caroline, passed away. It's more of a personal blog and her walk with God than most of the rest you'll find in this list.
  • Chris Hamer-Hodges He doesn't post very often at all, but when he does it's certainly worth the wait.
  • Christ Is Deeper Still This site is also in my top 3. He's often in my reader links on the side as I'm always marking his posts.
  • Christ The Truth Ditto for him, he's the last of my top 3 and always in my reader links when he posts something excellent - which is often.
  • Cross The Road He doesn't post too often, (every 2 weeks or so) but I've always enjoyed his posts. They typically link to real life lessons and that's right up my alley.
  • Don't Call Me Veronica The rest of his title says "That's not my name" He makes a point in his "legend of Veronica": "Have you ever had someone put a label on you that wasn't true?" Most people would respond with a "Yes," a nod, or at the very least a mild grunt. You'd then continue with, "So have I. And even though these labels aren't true and we know they aren't true, so often we just accept them without claiming out loud who we really are instead. In this case, my name isn't Veronica and so I want everyone to know what my name really is. It's Kenny." It's usually a good read.
  • Gospel Driven Life Not in my top 3 but awfully close. He makes my reader links in the sidebar pretty regularly.
  • Hungry And Thirsty He has a unique writing style that makes it easy to keep reading even if he gets long-winded. Not that I'm complaining, I've seen my blog. ;)
  • In All Honesty This lady did some amazing posts concerning tabernacle sacrifices and her Sunday School class learning about them for many many weeks.
  • Mount Jesus Focuses in on the Sermon on the Mount
  • Preacherman Preacher from Texas. He'll come preach for you if you like!
  • Steven Furtick This one is a bit of a conundrum (and yes, I am happy to be able to use such a unique word)... I'd NEVER attend his church. Can't stand his videos typically, but love his writing. He has a talent I don't have - the ability to be succinct and profound all at once.
  • The 48 files I often have to read his posts slowly because he makes me think. I imagine he reads a lot because he typically has a lot of quotes.
  • The Church Of No People I get a little frustrated with him sometimes, but am still a faithful reader and enjoy his posts. Even if I get frustrated.
  • The Jesus Paradigm Nate has this blog... it used to be called "Into The Desert".

  • So there you are... the latest additions to my sidebar. I hope you find some you enjoy!

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