Monday, July 20, 2009

Alzheimers Information

Since posting more details about my mothers alzheimers, I've had a few contacts from people telling me they are dealing with the disease as well. Since I'm the google bot for getting information to my dad I thought I'd share the information I'm passing along to him, with you.

Alzheimer's Info

We are going to be changing her medication from the well known and loved Aricept which is no longer working, to a product called Namenda. As with all alzheimer's medication it is very expensive. A months supply ranges from $138 - $148.

Since my parents do not have health insurance we take option number 3 and travel to a little city called Progreso, Mexico where this product is available for $80. If you'd like more information on purchasing medicine from Mexico feel free to contact me. A lot of medications, even with insurance, can be extraordinarily expensive and these trips to Mexico have been very easy.

If you are still in the mild to moderate stage you can look into a neat new patch called Exelon, but since I've seen Aricept do so well I wouldn't use anything but that. After 4 years though, Aricept is no longer meeting her needs so we need to switch and we'll be moving to the "Moderate to Severe" medications.

It's a little hard to imagine how it helps when a person is so confused, but the way my research has described it to me is that it helps them continue to be independent a little bit longer (e.g. not needing assistance showering, going to the bathroom, etc.). All good things.

I wish no one needed this information. And I certainly feel for you if you do need it. But I hope this is helpful to you.

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