Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am NOT hard of hearing.

I'm not.
I hear plenty. Actually, I hear too much. That's the problem.

I was on the phone today, when two other people entered the room and started whispering to one another. They were trying to be considerate of the fact that I was on the phone
(Duly noted, and appreciated)
But I couldn't hear a word of what the person on the phone said.

Oh I heard them talking.

And I heard the whisperers talking.

But I couldn't hear a single word.

I'm a focused person. If you talk to me, I listen. If for no other reason than that I have a hard time concentrating on anything else while you do. I can't listen to you, and think something else through at the same time. Those are the times that, despite how attentive I looked when I squinted at you thoughtfully, I was really trying to think through some other idea that just came to me.
Those ideas are usually based off your words though - does that make it any palatable?

This seems like a rambling post so far, but I really am going somewhere with this.

God is specific that no man can serve two masters. It's either all God or all Devil. Regardless of what you think.
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Matthew 6:24

For the past couple of years I've struggled with the normal. The typical. The house, the two car garage, the dog, the job, the 401K with medical benefits. It just seems as though my life should be radical. Unusual. Set apart for something foreign to this world.

I just have never figured out how you can have so many things of this world and still have God.
And I realized today that maybe I've been too harsh on Christians in general. Maybe they can hear two conversations and still focus in on what they need to hear. But I was built and designed for focus. To hear one conversation and follow it with all my heart.
Because that's exactly how I live my life.

But maybe my life hasn't turned into all the Fruit that it could simply because I don't distinguish between the two conversations so well. It's harder for me to pick out Gods voice amongst the din of everything else.

So perhaps my spiritual growth is hindered right now only by my ability to shut everything else up?

Is God really calling me to a radical lifestyle?Or am I just hearing too many conversations?
(As a side note I am still growing here. I'm not saying that I'm not. But I want to grow so badly so deeply that I spend a great deal of time searching for weeds in my garden that suck the nutrients out of my ability to produce fruit. I'm still growing. Oh and I'm so very glad.)

***A few moments after posting I realized just how huge a target I made myself for the typical "She hears voices" joke.. Go ahead and make the joke if you want, but now it looks cheap because I just pointed out how obvious the joke was. :) ***


Rev. Marguerite Earhart said...

Hi FlyAwayNet.

I just added your Blog to my RSS readers, and really liked reading your post as a result.

[I have one on my MySpace page, and in my toolbar.]

I can COMPLETELY relate to what you are saying, and experience this all the time.

How many times though have you heard people speaking to you but they are not really hearing what they are saying to you, or what you are saying - but go on talking in what they are saying, or pick up where they left off once you are finished, or are not concerned about - or aware of - what is going on around them?

Or people start talking to you without mentioning your name to let you know that they are?

And endlessly keep saying "What...?" as a result.

Or if you post something meaningful online - have others possibly read it - but remain endlessly silent with no contribution or opinion?

That the most and best conversation you have EVER experienced was in a demonic yahoo group - and virtually NONE in 'fill in the blank' Christian oriented Yahoo groups?

I would rather be a bit 'radical' in what I say or do at times - taking a risk or two - than offer no contribution to someone, or something, who tries to contribute or has something to say - being endlessly silent or uninvolved - or not concerned enough about someone to allow them to continue to be incorrect in what they say or do without trying to take a risk in trying to point out the error to them.

I like people who try.

I'd like to believe that the Lord does as well.

If we don't try - we don't make any 'mistakes' - and if we don't make any 'mistakes' by taking any risks - the Lord cannot right or shed light on the mistake - then don't grow as a result possibly ending up stagnant.

Many blessings of peace to you,
Assuredly in faith,

flyawaynet said...

Hi Marguerite, thank you for the comment. I certainly know what you mean - especially with some of the more personal things I've written on my blog - silence might be golden but I imagine a lot of weird things that people may not actually be thinking when they read my blog. Comments at least help me know people don't think I've gone batty.

I've got twitter and facebook if you would like to join me on either of those. I'm Jeanette Poteet on facebook and flyawaynet at twitter.

You're an old friend around here though I haven't seen you lately I think. We discovered the strange bibles scam a year or so ago I think. I'm glad to know you're still around. It's a shame I can't read your blog!

flyawaynet said...

Just an update, I went into your profile and found a list of blogs that don't look like the other one I'd previously found that was in another language!
I'll be checking in regularly.

Rev. Marguerite Earhart said...

Hi Jeanette:

Thanks for writing back so soon. It has been awhile since I visited and commented. Your memory is good - it was about scammers. Lots of interest on that topic.

I have 5 Blogs - all in english. [I do have Babel Fish which can translate into different languages] I talk about a variety of different topics generally from the Christian viewpoint.

I have one other Blog - "Amethyst..." that I haven't figured out what I want to do with that yet, and is still undeveloped. I may delete it after all I think.

I don't Twitter or Facebook at the moment, but am really liking my space.

I'm pretty easy to find around the net - simply google me.

I really like your site, and now that I have you listed in my RSS reader I'll have an easier time to remember to read your posts. I have one of them on my MySpace page.

I always like feedback and suggestions.

Many blessings of peace to you,
Assuredly in faith,