Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gods response to repentance.

So I repented.
I told God I couldn't handle the stress, and worrying about it. I told Him that I couldn't fix or change, or better the situation at all. Only God could make it workable. I told Him I needed His help, I needed His wisdom, I needed His peace, I needed Him.

That was Sunday.

Monday morning I went in to work to find an e-mail from my boss waiting for me. She is starting the process to make me a permanent employee. She's starting this process more than 2 weeks early, so it might hopefully be accomplished near my 90 day mark.
Others have waited months past their 90 days to get this notice. The girl I hired with didn't get this notice. I got this notice.

Monday night, my heart had completely changed towards a house that I hated. I called them up to see if I could look at it, they made special arrangements for me (including giving me the code to the lockbox so I could let myself in - which in San Antonio isn't something that's usually even considered according to my co-workers who were in shock).

I looked at the house, deemed it not only good, but really nice.

So today I called them and asked them to take $50 off the rent. After some consideration, they said no, but gave me the information that they cover the water/sewage bill. Something that accounts for pretty much $50.
They aren't going to charge me the application fee.
I don't even have to apply since they'd received my application for the house I'm currently living in.
It's May 26th, and they are going to hold the house until July 1st for no additional fees.

So Sunday I went from scared about the future to leaving it in Gods hands.
It's now Wednesday, and I have a house, and a job.

To say I'm humbled is putting it mildly. Gods hands are where this should have been the whole time. I can't tell you how wonderful He is. But you can sure imagine from stories like this.
He's more than wonderful.


Christie said...

He is FAITHFUL every time. Continue to put it in His hands...right where it belongs!

flyawaynet said...

Amen Christie, thanks. :)

Kristi said...

I can't tell you how I have been learning this lesson over and over the past 5 months to learning to not only to put it in God's hands but KEEP it there!!!! 2 days after Christmas we were (less details) carless, homeless and jobless!!! But the first two decision altho made by us, were terrifying but seemed right. We trusted and thank God we did cause the next day after turning in our 30 day notice and getting rid of the car, John was laid off. I just cried tears of amazement, because I can't imagine the panic we would have been under trying to figure out how we were going to make payments on both with no job. God knew!!!! We have prayed for a job, and held on then 2 Sundays ago we went down as a family in respone to an alter call about letting God handle things. (we already knew that John had a meeting that afternoon with someone that was helping him towards a position with an expanding company and had some more info for him) Well, we turned it all over again, because we seemed to be picking the worry back up. That afternoon at his meeting he was met with the question of "Are you ready to start the last job you'll need for the rest of your life?" It seems that all along this man had plans of his own to hire John but was waiting on approval from his partners. He got it on Friday and that Sunday John signed paperwork and starts the 1st. He is now the marketing director for a local ins. company. Not only did God give us a job for a wonderful man that his family has known, but in this is John's first job in his degree. God is soooo wonderful!

flyawaynet said...

Kristi, that's spectacular. I'm SO glad to hear that everything has worked out now. I can only try and imagine how difficult the situation has been for you all. I love hearing how God provided though. A friend and I were just talking this evening about how God puts you in difficult positions to trust Him, but then when He bringds you out - it's not just to settle for something "ok", but to truly thrive. I think your family is just another example of that.

I'm so happy for you!