Thursday, February 09, 2006

All things are possible

I'm stuck on something so despite the fact that I don't agree with my main commenters all the time. I'm asking their opinion on something.
I'm a very technical person, and more than ANYTHING, I want God's will to be done in any situation I encounter. SO, when I pray I always say, "here's what I want, but if you want something else, well, do it instead" And I'm wondering if while on the surface that 'might' look like a good prayer, if maybe that isn't the right way to go about it.
People didn't come up to Jesus on the streets and say Heal me! but, um, if that isn't Your will, Ok, I don't mind staying sick/blind/deaf/possessed. They just said Here's what I want to happen.
And I'm wondering if I might should be taking that approach as well. If I'm in a situation that has me wanting a particular outcome, I wonder if I might should be just telling God ok.. here's how I want this to turn out. I don't remember too many people praying for God's will in the Bible. Hannah wanted something that was pretty life-changing and God granted it to her.
So, is it that sometimes you just need to press through insisting on what you want? Or, would praying God's will for your life do the exact same thing?
That's the thing that always bothered me about prayer. Here's God, the Almighty Creator of the universe. Creator of you and me as well. And here we are telling Him how we want things done. Prayers for healing, finances, and restoration are all well and good. But wouldn't praying God's will over whatever it is be better?
Or should you just pick what you desire and press through? Ok people, comment on this one would you? I'd like more opinions.

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