Monday, February 20, 2006

What you say most

I attended a funeral today. It was a solemn occasion, and painful, as I know several of the people this death effects the most. And as I'm sitting here, reflecting on the different thoughts that it invoked in me, this newest one just occurred to me.
How many of you know your pastors very well? Do they know your hobbies? your volunteer work? your real work? your family? Let's face it, pastors are the ones that will be preaching your funeral. So if they don't know you, other than the fact that you show up to church and that you may or may not tithe ;) What will they talk about when you die? The answer is, whatever you talk about the most. The pastor will sit around and talk and comfort your family, gaining valuable stories for their message to your congregating loved ones at the funeral. Those stories will revolve around your passions. Be it children, charities, golfing, or the Atlanta Falcons.
As I sat there listening to story after story of how this great mechanic capably took care of this pastors car, I began thinking about what stories would be told about me at my passing. As I pondered more, I began thinking about what stories are most told about me now. Granted, some of my stories are unique, because I have a knack for getting myself into interesting situations, but even so, they aren't necessarily ones that begin with "She said God wanted her to and..."
EVEN IF I live that way, do I make sure to give God all the credit/glory/blame for the reason I'm doing what I'm doing? so that regardless of what peoples faith, their stories at my passing would all begin with God's Name and His Will?
Even as I write this, I'm considering where God brought me from. And thinking if people only knew the difference in my life from the desperation to the hope, that would be all they would talk about, even years later. Then they'd know, they'd know just as clearly as I do, that nothing good I ever did on this earth was on my own. Because on my own I can't begin to describe my own vile evil. But they'd know it was only God. And if God would bring this about in my life, then people would have a taste, even just a taste of how good God is, and I can think of nothing else that would make my life so entirely worthwhile.

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