Monday, February 06, 2006

This Walk

I was thinking just recently about my relationship with God. The up's, and the down's, and some of the strange stuff He's done for me. After a long hard morning I began thinking about the changes.

I was driving down the road the other morning on the outskirts of town. There were buildings, but not that many, and it was darker. But as I kept driving I got into the city, there were street lights, and restaurants, gas stations and a few more cars. I kept on driving and I left the city and I was headed to a nearby town. The next town was close, so there were scattered buildings all along the way, but once I went through the small city, there was vast nothingness for about 10 miles. The scenery changes were interesting to look at. But, if I was unprepared, then 10 miles without a gas station could of made a world of difference to me.

It was on this drive, that I realized what the name of my blog really meant to me. "This Walk". The scenery is always changing in this walk with God. Some days you feel Him as though he were right next to you. The worship and adoration is pouring from your heart and literally "every day with Jesus, is sweeter than the day before". Then the scenery changes, and He's no longer showing you a revelation of who He is, but who YOU are. Showing you a sinful side of yourself that you weren't aware of, and requiring change of you. But then, as you and God begin working on the sins of pride or selfishness that still stain your actions, you come to a city again. A city where God shines His lights all around you, and your change comes from the lights that are so bright that they shine on every darkened spot within you. Purifying you. And then, before you head out of that city, you stop to fill up with the Holy Spirit. The cost of these fill-ups get higher and higher every day, not because of the economy, but because each time the Holy Spirit requires you to give up more and more of yourself, to be used by the Master.
Then you're ready to go on, ready for the 10 miles of barren land where it's dark, and it seems like you're alone.
The scenery in our "Walk" is always changing. But there is one constant and that is Christ. And our hope? The glorious city that awaits us at the end of our journey.
Then we'll be home.

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