Thursday, February 02, 2006

Am I missing something?

Ok, this might stir up some trouble. I hope not, but I'm noticing more and more that I seem to be alone in my opinion on the subject, so... if trouble comes I won't be too surprised.

Since WHEN did living together, and sleeping together outside of the bonds of marriage become ok? When did it become sinless to move in with your 'current' girlfriend and fornicate?
I had a young man in the church I attend come up to me. As we were discussing his job situation he mentioned that he's trying to decide if he should move in with his girlfriend or just keep living with his mom. There didn't seem to be a general idea that Hey... maybe the Christians around me won't cooperate with me moving into a lifestyle of sin. It just appeared to be the simple idea that "everyone does it", so it can't be bad.

I can 100% understand why the world does whatever it good and well pleases, but how is it that Christians resolve in their minds that it's ok?
I spend last Saturday debating with my brother and dad about churches standards. Namely, I believe my dad's church has man-made standards that seek to keep it's people in bondage to the law, rather than letting them walk solely in the grace and mercy of God. And it always comes back to my dad claiming that we don't believe in a standard at all. And that isn't true either. I believe in standards, and I think following those standards, to keep sin from creeping in are VERY important for believers today. I especially object to following only those standards that don't interfere with your daily life!

Ok, I'm not really ranting without purpose. I want to encourage you. These standards are for us joy. The standards God outlines through Paul are GOOD for us. Following them brings peace, and joy. And they're not there to show you're holier than someone else, or anything like that. They're for your benefit. All you have to do - this is the real key - is trust God with your life. When you trust God and His infinite wisdom and follow His rules and guidelines for your life, you'll find joy and peace, you'll also find that it leads your life in a direction that is truly worthwhile, and safe for you. It is for the best. God's way is best.


Dazzler's Domain said...

I'll admit, for 3 years me and speedy lived together before we were married... and You can ask speedy, I felt really guilty the whole time. I felt like the reason we weren't recieving any blessings was because we were living in sin. Never once did I feel like it was "okay" to be doing what we were doing.

When we finally got married, I felt SO much better, and we have recieved so many blessings since then.

Anonymous said...

Marriage is between the couple and God...IT IS NOT a stupid peice of paper....Religion has become stupid to this, in my opinion. I disagreed with Tera the whole time before we married and always felt that the bleesings were there as much as they are today. I will however concede to the fact that alot of people do move in together based in the wrong decisions..BUT not all people. In many countries it is not required to have "a piece of paper".

Oklahoma for many years has recognized common law marriage and this is in the "heart of the bible belt". So I say that marriage is ONLY between the couple and God. That piece of paper is worthless and the proof is in the divorce rates.


J. W. Poteet II said...

Wow, I enjoy the two comments posted here. How fascinating to see the different perspectives from one couple apparently. Neat. OK, here's mine. While I would not advocate living together...let me be the most conservative christian ever to speak up for the defense. In today's society there IS NOTHING WRONG with living together before getting married. Our society really doesn't see anything wrong with it. In Abrahams day, society saw nothing wrong with taking a couple of extra wives or even your wifes maidservant. God didn't correct them because in their society nothing was wrong with it. Don't we have the same situation today? For all the...propaganda?...loudly proclaiming the problems with living together there actually are some good things that can come of it. I know this will probably upset you, but I think this is probably right.