Monday, February 13, 2006


A couple of paragraphs, from one of my favorite blogs.

I want so badly for us to see everything as it relates to God and His purposes in the world. I long for us to be a generation that lives radically (or, when Scripture is allowed to be the standard, normally). I am fully convinced that God's jealous desire for our hearts is that they be fully devoted to Him, and that that devotion be evident in the way we study and date and listen to chapel messages and talk about cafeteria food and look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning; in the way we talk about others and spend our leisure time and read assigned books and write papers and talk to our parents and view creation; in the way we drive and sleep and shop and blog and surf the internet and choose what online news articles to click on and read.
I want our nothing-held-back devotion (if we really have that kind of devotion) to be obvious in every last detail of life: how we dress when we go to the beach, what kind of movies we'll watch, what kind of jokes we'll laugh at, what kind of future plans we'll dream about, how often we'll go to Starbuck's or the mall or the movie theater, who our heroes will be (not our stated heroes but the heroes of our hearts), and what we'll talk about when we can talk about anything we want. I just want us to be God-centered.

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