Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A different kind of warning

Good morning, before you read this post you might want to stop and read the one just before it. Because it will explain what happened to get me where I am. But I was wondering if the warning I supposedly didn't receive, was actually the "I'm doing right, right now". It's when you are doing the right thing that the devil attacks right? He doesn't care too much if you're doing the wrong thing.
In the last 24 hrs, I've been lied about, falsely accused, subtlely threatened with legal action, and.. worst of all, I've caught a cold.
If this is the yardstick by how I can tell if I'm doing God's Will, then well, bring it on.

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Anonymous said...

Keep on following the voice of the Shepherd and let Him lead you and guide you in ALL you do and say... I pray great blessing pour down upon you and fill you to overflow. May He grant to you the desire of your heart and may you shout out with Joy... Oh Happy Day!