Tuesday, April 10, 2007


How often in the middle of a regular old busy day do you pause and breathe a sigh of relief?

It seems I'm doing that more and more and more. And I'm loving every minute of it.

I'm happy, still. It's like coming home from the best vacation ever. Almost every day. I remember "before" those years of my life where I knew of God, but couldn't figure out my way in to Him. Fearing (and with good reason too) that I was one of those that God just didn't take in. I remember many dinnertime conversations where my brother fought my dad on the issue of predestination, clearly explaining the idea that God had created some people just so He could show His glory in punishing them. When your prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling right back in your face, you start to wonder if that's what those people feel like...and worse if you're one of them.

But then there's now. I'm growing. I'm learning. He's pruning me and teaching me. Did you get that? A lot of people say things like that. God is teaching them something, God is trying them, God is testing them, God is doing this or that. So put it in this perspective. It's like Beethoven teaching you to play the piano. Van Gogh teaching you to paint. Da Vinci or Ben Franklin helping you invent something. GOD, creator of Heaven and Earth is teaching moi.
Thank you God.

It makes me wonder about the Sunday morning church goer. To be so close to the power source, so close to something so amazing and not desire more, baffles me. It baffles me that people don't come to the church every single time the doors are open. Do they not feel what I feel? I don't believe I'm unique for feeling Gods presence in church. I don't believe He's singled me out to feel it while blinding others eyes to it.

Our busy days have people attempting to function on 5 and 6 hrs of sleep a night, if even that sometimes. We exhaust ourselves in an attempt to do more, yet we skip the priority of sleep that keeps us healthy and energized enough to be able to do more. In that very same way, we skip church because we don't have time for it, but it's the one thing that will keep us healthy.

I don't want to be a just church goer. I want to be a disciple, I want to bring church/Christ with me. I want to experience God. I say that gladly and with anticipation that with every waking day so far I experience something new from Him. And while I can get so much from the day to day things, there is a very special encounter that you have with God in the group setting of church. It's amazing and remarkable. This has been an amazing year so far. I just hope I'm never foolish enough to stop daily signing up for the school of God. It's not a 4 year university. But a daily one. I want to learn I want to learn I want to learn.

This is just too exciting.

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