Friday, April 13, 2007

Small change

The blog has suddenly started getting spammed. It's nothing anywhere near as bad as I've heard stories from other bloggers, but it's still irritating nonetheless. So for the time being I'll be moderating comments. It doesn't really mean anything different for you (especially since most people lurk and don't comment anyway) except that your comment won't appear immediately after you send it in. It will instead go to a special box hidden away from everyone until I approve it.

In the last 24 hrs I've deleted 15 comments, so unless you really wanted to read a bunch of strange (and I do mean STRANGE) advertisements for prescription drugs, I believe you'll appreciate this - hopefully temporary - change.


One Sided said...

You know monitoring an entire email system for the Credit Union I work for, I see more than enough "offers". I thank you for your efforts to keep you blog clean.

flyawaynet said...

You're quite welcome. It was a pleasure to know I was doing something productive for this blog - more than just posting.