Saturday, August 29, 2009

Easter Laughter

It irks me when my last post is one of discouragement or grief, so to get it off the top of my site I wanted to post this quote, if only because it - strangely enough - seems very appropriate.

"A leader that frets and stresses under pressure is not a leader that followers will find reassuring. There is a need for a certain calmness that comes from confident faith in God’s purposes. Likewise, there is a benefit in a certain laughter. Not drunken laughter. Not distracting myself from reality laughter. Not immature laughter. But confident in God, all is in control, Easter laughter."

I'm not built to be a good leader I think, but I still want this description to apply to me. No fretting, no stressing under pressure. Calmness that comes from confident faith in Gods purposes. Laughter, Easter laughter.

Grief in these times is reasonable, but grief can still come with that certain calmness and confidence spoken of here. I want to stay on that track. And so far, it has not been that hard to continue in that calmness yet.

God is good, He is gracious to me - to all His people - if they could only stop and see it. He will provide, He will comfort - if you allow it - and He will sustain you and I through anything that might come. God is gracious. He is merciful and bountiful in His generosity of blessings towards us even though we are often unthankful or take them for granted.

God is good.

(Quote is from Transforming Sermons - taken from Peter Mead)

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