Sunday, August 02, 2009

Freecycle - New Friends - Churches.

I had a good day today. I went to a terrific church service thanks to the invitation of my new friend (and regular anonymous commenter), Destiny. Freedom was a great church and I look forward to visiting again soon.

Amazingly enough we met through Freecycle, a program where people offer things they no longer use/need so that they can be reused rather than filling up our landfills with more "stuff". Destiny responded to one of my posts and, in what is normally a very brief exchange of information where one person tells the other where/when to pick it up and the other one replies "Ok, thanks!" we somehow began talking about the Holy Spirit and Christianity.

I've talked before about how the steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord - well one day several weeks ago I had at least 15 responses asking for the item I was offering on freecycle. I did not pick the first person who asked, but after reading each persons e-mail I selected one of them. I selected Destiny.

And because of that decision, and the subsequent conversations, I now have a church that, while it may not necessarily become home, it's a place I know I will be attending until such time as God leads me to someplace else.

All because I posted on freecycle.

There is more to this post, but I'm not going to try to write it tonight, but will finish it later. This is one of my few 2 parters.
Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I was so happy you came to church yesterday. It was really nice to finally meet you! Whether Freedom Fellowship becomes your home church or not, at least you see that there are some good churches in our area. I hope it's restored your faith in the churches around!

I'm very happy to have met you. You definitely make me think, and challenge me, and I always appreciate friends that do that for me.

I'm thanking God for directing your steps towards me that day with Freecycle. Not only did I get a new beautiful purse, but I got an even more beautiful new friend :)


flyawaynet said...

I was very glad to meet you too Destiny. It's nice to put a face with my image of you.

Your kids were wonderful, I was really impressed by the parents in the church and how they all corralled their kids.
*Especially the family in front of us, Autism is a very difficult thing to cope with in a public setting and I was really proud how the father was a big influence in working with his son.