Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Want to catch up?

I just finished doing something that is always interesting.

I've been gone the last several days, so tonight after I got back my sister-in-law and I just chatted about work, days, events, and the rest of the months plans. Just catching up.

This weekend I also got an e-mail from a friend of mine. She troops over to my blog when I have been a little very lax in writing her like I should. She mentioned that she was trying to catch up on my life through my blog but I was often so "cryptic" on here so it was hard for her to tell what exactly was really happening.

So I put those two events together to just come online and chat with you. All of you. I hate writing posts like this because I have a tendancy to believe that this is the post you'll click off because obviously I'm not writing anything interesting. I'm not writing about anything interesting. But maybe you'll contribute to the conversation with something about yourself that will make this far more interesting.

Let's start with something simple. Something I don't think I've mentioned about myself before.

My name is Jeanette Poteet.

It's much debated whether giving your full name out is safe or acceptable - I know. But, if you need to find me, I want you to. My e-mail address is flyawaynet at hotmail dot com. Connect.

Life is interesting, but for something specific let's start with the biggest and most basic.

I've moved to the San Antonio area.

I moved here in June and have been job hunting. I currently have two jobs - 1 as a piano teacher that goes into pre-schools and after school programs. I will be able to start that job September 1st. I'm excited about it, and certainly looking forward to getting started and feeling a little more settled in by getting into a real routine. For those of you scratching your head, I was supposed to start Aug. 17th, but the dates just changed today.

I've got another job, a part time job. I'm a waitress at Denny's. Let me tell you, I know I'm insane when I'm so crazy excited to be a waitress at Denny's. I love customer service. No, let's try that again, I LOVE customer service. And while I know this isn't a good 'career' job per se, it's a terrific hobby job that actually pays money for me to go enjoy myself. I started today with paper work but my real work will begin this Friday. I can hardly wait. Yes, I'm nuts. Did I mention how much I love Denny's food? It's got IHOP beat by a mile. Truly.

I've got a church that I'll attend on Sunday mornings, and a bible study program at a different church that I believe I'll attend on Tuesdays.

I feel strangely confused about Gods will here in San Antonio, I don't feel that confidence that I'm right smack dab in the middle of it that I used to feel. I've got a 12 month lease though and so I can rest in knowing I don't have to make any new decisions for 10 more months. I really don't know what I'll do then.

I am slowly adjusting to living with 4 other people. I miss being single and alone, but at the same time I worry about how difficult it will be to adjust back to single and alone if I leave in 10 months.

My mom is certifiably crazy now. The changes from last month to this month are scary - I'm praying with all I can that the medicine I took them this weekend will slow this roller coaster down. Her name is Judy - and if you want to pray for her specifically, my prayer right now would be that God would help with the sleep disturbances. She wakes up in the middle of the night next to my father and freaks out because she's in bed with a man she doesn't realize is her husband. For the first time, my unusual presence in the house breaking up her routine seemed to help her because I was female, and she was nervous about the man in the house.

She confided to me in a private moment that she didn't understand why "that man back there" thought she was going to marry him. It's funny how the same stories can make you both laugh and cry.

We weren't a huggy family growing up. She rarely hugged us kids, but a couple of years into her diagnosis (of Alzeimers) she began surprising me with random hugs. As she worsens, her hugs become even more frequent and she holds on tighter. I hold on a little tighter too.

Course, she hugged two strangers in Wal-mart too, so it takes a little bit of the special away. But it's awfully fun to explain.

God has been speaking to me concerning listening. For the first time ever, I received an interpretation of someone speaking in tongues. But it was just for my ears and I pondered it and while I can't quote it word for word, He was adamant "When I, the Lord speak, LISTEN" He went on, but then repeated Himself. And then at a spanish service I was prayed over in spanish, so I cannot tell you what was prayed, but suddenly both of his hands covered my ears as he prayed and I knew someone else was praying I would listen. I prayed again that I would be able to listen. I don't want to miss something. So if you pray for me as well, pray my ears would be attuned to His voice more clearly than ever

I think that just about covers most of the details. But trust me when I say, I know this is one of my least interesting posts. But YOU can make it more interesting if you'd like. I've got a nice small gathering of regulars that visit my blog now - I see your IP addresses showing up a few times a week, or the few of you that stop by every day, and my handy google reader friends. So, lets ALL catch up. Tell me who you are, where are you at physically and spiritually? Let me pray for you with more information than your IP address or the strange information you searched google for to find me. I'm glad to know you stop by, but click comment and tell me who is reading. Let's catch up with each other.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanette :)

This is Destiny. I'm about to go to bed. Exciting stuff, huh? I love reading your blog, and thank you for putting yourself out there for strangers, and real life friends to read.

I'm a SAHM, who is blessed enough to homeschool my little ones. I truly, truly LOVE IT. They are my treasures from above. My most important emphasis in schooling is spiritual. It has helped to grow me in my own faith to be teaching my little ones. A good education is important to me too, but I don't want my children to grow up to be very intelligent Pagans, which is why we choose to school at home.

I love God's Word, and my specific prayer is for my faith to grow and to be able to discern the things I read and that God speaks to me. I also would love prayer for my husband and children to hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Well, that's about it for now.

OH, and we LOVE Denny's. Could you shoot me a message on Facebook and let me know which one you are working at? We have one that we go to all of the time so I'm hoping it's the same one :) Congratulations on both of your new jobs!! I'll be praying for you and your Mother.

God bless,


ps...I'm a hugger :)

flyawaynet said...

Hey Destiny!

I've been meaning to say something but I was homeschooled as well. The only public-type school I ever attended was actually a Christian private Kindergarten (I believe).
I really enjoyed homeschooling - if for no other reason than it allowed me to graduate early so much easier.

I'm glad you're able to homeschool your kids, and I'm sure they'll appreciate it - if not now, then in the future.

I'll be praying for your husband and kids. I don't want you to have intelligent pagans either. :) You've got a great family, I'm enjoying getting to know you better.

Thanks for introducing yourself on here.

Linda said...

I've been mentioned in a blog--albeit cryptically! Thank you for preserving my secret identity!

Good job--and a seriously bold move!

I'll keep praying for your mom. And for you--like I always do.
And good for you, finding the humor in such dark moments. That's a real gift.

flyawaynet said...

Linda, I only wish you would comment some "catch up" information about yourself. Though you'd probably be limited right now in some information - I'd love for people to know what's going on in your life right now. It's exciting, frustrating, scary, anxiety producing, and thrilling all at the same time.
And no, I'm NOT referring to your bug. :)

Anonymous said...

I think I should clarify the "intelligent pagan" comment. It came out of nowhere because of a conversation that I was having with a friend of mine a few days earlier.

We were talking about how some people will ask us, "What about the opportunities your kids will miss out on..ei...advanced classes, organized sports, the dreaded socialization, etc.

We were talking about how IF our kids went to public school, and they were one of the few that actually thrived thoughout school and graduated with honors, got tons of scholarships, etc, then would we have just raised some really intelligent pagans?

I know that many of the people I know that go to PS (including me) are seeped in pagan beliefs, quietly being indoctrinated. THAT is what I am trying to keep my kids from being exposed to, because I want more for them.

I desire for them to have a close, personal relationship with the one true God. I don't want our values to be undermined, even if done stealthly, every day at school.

They will learn about the beliefs of other people when I feel like they are ready for it, and no sooner.

I know that my kids are smart kids, and I truly believe that I will give them a good education. My prayer is that they will be very intelligent followers of Christ.

It does my heart good seeing someone like you, and knowing that you are a successful product of homeschooling. God is so good :)


ps...sorry for the ramble!

flyawaynet said...

It's no ramble. It's important Destiny!

But I am VERY socially awkward in person though so don't use me as too much of a guideline.

My world was very small. I was homeschooled, attended small country churches with mostly older attendees and my dad was a pastor so we moved a lot. Since I was about 9, most of the time we lived in the country so there wasn't even neighborhood kids that we associated with.

I annoyed my brother and he annoyed me. We were all we had for better or for worse. That's probably why we're able to live together and not kill each other today. :)

I think it would have probably terrified me, but been good for me to have to join some type of program where other kids were more involved. But at least your church has that, and it sounds like you have a lot of friends with kids as well that your kids can enjoy and interact with.

I lived in my head growing up, and I just never got out of it. I think I like it better there. :)

Either way, I believe they'll be better off for the homeschooling - I'm glad they'll get the opportunity. Kudos for your hard work!

Anonymous said...

We are VERY involved with other children and families. San Antonio is an amazing place to homeschool your kids. We are part of two homeschooling groups, two homeschooling co-ops, and are very active in our church. Not to mention that our best friends are also a homeschooling family. My children are little social butterflies (with the exception of Shepard, but that is just his personality and age, I think), and I always laugh at the thought of them not being "socialized" :)

Linda said...

Okay, you asked.

The bug is an issue--its alternator died, leaving me stranded in a town 45 min away with Bubba. Right now I'm bugless, borrowing the truck from my best husband and trying to catch up at work so that I can start my year at school with space in the classroom for kids!

Flower Girl is too funny. She actually did a Gabcast broadcast that had my whole school in a tizzy. Being 4, she is a total ham. Last night, after dressing herself, she pulled down her pajama pants and bent over to show me her Princesses!

Jay is being a snarky, snorty teenager. Sleeps too much, grumps too loud, is respectful in public. At least there's that.

We shot a PSA for our agency. We're a success story! This was, apparently, the first time the media man got to shoot the kids' actual faces. Making a commercial is rather unglamorous. It also makes your hands sweat, so if you get the opportunity, wear absorbent pants.

Unfortunately, the PSA will not be able to be aired until after the ever elusive court date to finalize Bubba and Flower Girl's adoption. We still have no date. Mr. Attorney is in court on anothre event for 4 days next week, so I'm beginning to doubt we'll finish in August. It's okay, except for the DAYCARE objecting to our new spelling of Flower Girl's real name.

And, after having completed that horrendously important master's degree and looking all summer for an administrative position, I am still teaching...but you knew that from the first paragraph! Redundancy, thy name is Linda. But, I have decided that God intends for me to learn something new this year. I will love my job and do the best I can with it and for my students until He calls me away from the classroom.

And that's my stuff in a nutshell.

And I now have my own blog. Yeah, who knew? I'm struggling to find my voice in it. Writing letters is easy. Blogging seems almost...pretentious of me! I'm seriously thinking about copy/pasting this there! It's definitely better than any post I've made so far!

Find me at http://lifeinourlane.wordpress.com

Yeah--an unabashed commercial for myself!

And write me. You know the address!

flyawaynet said...

Linda, :)

Thanks for introducing yourself. I've checked out your blog - besides how pretty and simple the design is I really like it. I've always liked your writing style (you just think in different ways than my mind goes naturally)... well I guess that's true with most people since my mind doesn't work very 'normally' but I like where your mind goes more than most. :)

How's that for a compliment?

I'm looking forward to reading your blog.