Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The mission

I've been reading a book called "Just Like Jesus" by Max Lucado. I'd never read a book by him and never imagined doing so but the title of this book grabbed me and I started reading. Yesterday evening I picked it up and after just a few pages I found something to blog about.

"The heart of Christ was relentlessly focused on one task. The day he left the carpentry shop of Nazareth he had one ultimate aim - the cross of Calvary. He was so focused that his final words were, "It is finished" (john 19:30)
How could Jesus say he was finished? There were still the hungry to feed, the sick to heal, the untaught to instruct, and the unloved to love. How could he say he was finished? Simple. He had completed his designated task. His commission was fulfilled. The painter could set aside his brush, the sculptor lay down his chisel, the writer put away his pen. The job was done."

Reading that I wondered what I would be able to say at the end of my life. Would I be "finished" or halfway through with something thinking "I was so close". Or would it be that I would wander through my life and reach the end wondering if I had done anything worthwhile.
Then I realized that for the past 5 years I've been walking towards the mission God has given me. I've known I was suppose to do foster care for a long time. I didn't always have to do much, sometimes just wait for the timing to be right, and for awhile I specifically did CASA volunteer work so that I would gain more experience with these kids.
So get this, God - gave - me - a - mission.
Did you read that?
God gave me a mission.

I really wasn't expecting too much to come from me.

You see, I know me. I know how selfish I am. I see the hurtful thoughts I think, and I hear the foolish words I say. I've watched me turn my face from God and say "No, I won't do that, give that, or be that". And I remember all too well the thousands of times I've willfully chosen the temporary pleasures of sin over the simple task of pleasing my King. I see the unworthiness and filthiness in my life like no one else will ever see it.

Even so, God. Even so, God. Even so, God in His infinite, fathomless, incomparable love looked down from His throne. He looked down from His majestic throne into the sea of faces, and He found mine. He saw me, and He loved me, and He chose my purpose. Much like any CEO or Project Leader figuring out who would do best at what, God assigned me my task.
While I see the unworthiness of my life, God saw something of use. All I have to do is, well, my task.
I'm so glad He saw something in me. As He equips me to accomplish what He has set forth for me to accomplish, I pray He will give me eyes that will see those same divine purposes and plans in the lives of each child. May I always remember what an honor it is to be under my Kings commission.

"To love the Lord our God is the heartbeat of our mission, the spring from which our service overflows. Across the street or around the world, the missions still the same; proclaim and live the truth in Jesus name."

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