Thursday, November 09, 2006

Piddlin Updates

This is just a documented update, feel free to look elsewhere, nothing I say here will interest you.

You're still reading aren't you. That's just crazy.

You know I'm not going to say anything interesting and yet you're still reading.

Well, now I guess you're just going to keep on reading to the end so I might as well give my update.

I'm THREE steps away from finally being a licensed foster parent. If I want to be licensed I have to SHOW that I have a crib in my house. I don't necessarily have to put it together, but it does have to be in my house.
The FBI need to finish confirming that I'm innocent I tell ya, I'm innocent.
THEN after the FBI finish with me my agency will schedule my homestudy. A grueling day long interview in which I've been promised that should I total up the number of questions I've been asked in my life, the number will not be so great as the number of questions I'll be asked at that homestudy.
After that, and someone attempts to stay awake long enough to read through a 25 page report on my life, I will be licensed.

And that's all. I told you it wasn't that interesting, I still don't know why you're reading.


One Sided said...

How can one so young fill twenty five pages?

flyawaynet said...

Hey! I've lived a lot in my 25 years. Just today I helped my parents push a shed 11.5 feet across my yard. That alone could fill two pages if I use a lot of adjectives.