Saturday, November 11, 2006

Update on the updates

I have a crib!

I spent Thursday searching every second hand store in this city, and even some in another city and found didly squat. I prayed "God please, you know I need a crib, you know where it is, please just help me find it."
Friday I went to garage sales. Nothing.
Today, today, I went to garage sales again. I drove up and saw the newest, whitest, cleanest crib I could have possibly asked for. It came WITH the newest, cleanest mattress I could have possibly asked for, and it also came WITH a bed skirt, fitted sheet and the strange padded liner thing that goes around the bottom of the sleeping area in the crib.
Crib - $50.00
Having God answer my prayer - Priceless

There isn't anything left for me to do. Everything possibly dangerous in my house is locked away. I have all the basics required for me to become a licensed foster parent.
Now I just have to wait on them.
Pop Pop Fizz Fizz Oh what a relief it is!

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