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Did you get this in the e-mail? I had to google a lot of different phrases to find out how this was a scam. But I found it. Scam-O-Rama had all the information I needed. Click here to read their info. According to their site, shortly after you try and help, they'll tell you it's necessary to bribe some official to get the bibles in, and... well, obviously they don't have the money to do that so, send some money for the bribe.

Here's the e-mail.

Hello and peace be unto you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope this letters finds you safe in Christ and I have prayed that God will use you as a vessel to meet the needs of His children here.

My name is Igho Izekor and I’m reaching you from Africa. Yesterday after school I sat for some minutes in our school staff office checking the Internet for online books by Bishop David Oyedipo, there I came across your email. I believe it is God’s order for this to happen.

I am married with five children and me and my family fellowship in Jesus Family Bible Church, a small church with a great vision where Jimoh David ( is the pastor. I am through God’s mercies born again and serving the Lord faithfully pressing towards the mark. I’M one of our church rural evangelists and through God’s grace I’m able to go with the team once a week (Saturdays) to reach souls in neighboring villages. I have very great compassion for lost souls so the evangelical team is the better place I can serve in the church. My occupation: I am a teacher in a primary school and in my school we have a staff computer Internet where I’m now able to reach you. I grew in the village and my parents were farmer but I had the opportunity to acquire western education but not too many people do in my place.

The purpose for writing you is to appeal for your help for bibles. In the past six months we have visited Iguadolor village continually and many people have been won there for Christ particularly the old fathers and mothers. Old persons mostly inhabit the villages here because the young ones are drifting to the urban areas in order to enjoy amenities like electricity and pipe-borne water that are not available in the village. There are up to 50 persons in need of bibles but not all can read. There are four aged couples and five individuals who can read and asking for bibles. They have so much show concern that we are keeping them always in our prayers for provision of bibles for them. We need 13 giant print bibles for these loved ones who are now saved and eager to feed from God’s word. They cannot afford bibles because they are cost much in this place. Please help to supply bibles to these our brothers and sisters in need. The King James Version will be preferable used or !new. Please send the bibles through my address above. If you have any Christian literature one or two that is enriching to the spirit man please send me.

I pray for you in Jesus name that the Lord will provide for you to help for the need and also bless you as you help.

Bye for now and write soon.

Your in Christ,
Igho Izekor.


Chris Goeppner said...

yeah, i got it. bootleg, huh?

flyawaynet said...

It's 7:30 in the morning and I've already had 21 visits just from people coming in from googling their e-mail.
I'd say this guy hit a lot of people!

Parson Marguerite Earhart said...


I found this email in my inbox, and it looked really legitimate. I prayed and asked the Lord to show me if this was ok or not, and I was led to your site. (I searched Jimoh David, and your site came up.)

I wrote to to ask them if they shipped bibles to Nigeria - I was thinking of sending the bibles - and they said that they no longer send to Nigeria due to fraud and theft.

The address on my email was " I looked up .hk and that is for Hong Kong - .ng is for Nigeria I learned.

I wrote to the email to talk to the person before I found all this out, and received no response back.

Thank you for posting your information. The Lord used your site to answer my question.

Many Blessings To You,
Assuredly in faith,
Rev. Marguerite Earhart.

Parson Marguerite Earhart said...

Hello again:

Upon further look the email came up with an Australian address .au.

Sharon M said...

Thanks for posting this info. I was very concerned about this, mostly b/c I had NO idea how this man had gotten my e-mail address. I didn't know if I had met him somewhere, since we used to live overseas in a city w/ a lot of embassies, and many of our fellow churchgoers were from Nigeria.

So sad that people will use this as a money-making scam. I think of so many parts of the world where it's impossible to get bibles, and how people genuinely have to risk their lives to sneak them in the country.

Parson Marguerite Earhart said...

Hi all: As I have mentioned before I emailed Igho a bit ago. I didn't expect to hear back, but he did respond to my email.

Wed, 14 Nov 2007 22:08:53+0800(CST)
From: "Igho Izekor"
Subject: from igho

Dear friend in The Lord,

I bring you greetings from Nigeria . I got your response to my mail and I’m very happy hearing from you. I have been praying since I wrote to you and believed that God is going to supply the bibles though I may not know the means. I am happy that the Lord has chosen you to respond to this need and He will also provide the means to fulfill this need as we keep praying. Only a few people can give their resources to serve others of the house hold of faith. I want you to know that God will bless you as you meet this need for bibles for our brothers and sisters in Iguadolor.

Our church is a non denomination church which began in 2002 by Pastor Jimoh David. I knew the Lord in 1995 when a team of Jehovah Witness Watch tower group visited me. But After that moment I started attending a non denominational church because the beliefs of Jehovah Witness is not according to the bible.

I am praying for you and know that God is blessing you. A friend was involved in a motor accident and he is in the hospital and responding to treatment. Please pray for him for speedy recovery. His name is Afeke. He is a Christian and wished that such a thing never happened, but in Romans 8:28 the bible makes it clear that all thing that happens to the children of God is for good. I told him to give God the glory rather for keeping him alive.

My postal address remains P.O. BOX 5125, GPO AIRPORT ROAD , OREDO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, EDO STATE , NIGERIA . Please do send them by insured mail so they can be safe on the way. It is our church address and very safe. We have nothing like online site.

Bye for now and write soon. God bless you.

Yours in Christ
Igho Izekor.
What I wrote:
Subject: Re: Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Greetings Igho:

I just received your email, and am pleased that you wrote to me. Is the address that you mailed to me complete, and if I sent something to this address would it be in care of you, or would it be in care of your church and church pastor?

I'm happy to hear about your ministry, and would like to hear more. Does your church - or pastor - have any kind of online site?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Many blessings to you,
Assuredly in faith,
Rev. Marguerite Earhart
I am not at all happy at the prospect of this being such a possible deceptive scam such as this.

I wanted to help shed light on this so I posted this correspondence. I am considering writing back with some kind of response.

I'm going to post this info, and your blog site, on one of my blogs.

Many blessings to you all,
Assuredly in faith,
Security World: Jesus Christ Is Lord Of All

flyawaynet said...

Parson, thank you for the update.
Maybe in your next e-mail you could confront the issue of the e-mail address obviously not appearing to come from Nigeria?

Parson Marguerite Earhart said...

Greetings flyawaynet:

I see that the email is not from Nigeria. I posted something earlier of what I found on that part.

I don't know how to intrepret the comment on 'confronting the issue' so this will be my last post here. The comment sounded a bit unfriendly.

When I checked the IP it also came up .au - which in a search came up to be either African Union or Australia.

My only intent is to post info that others might find helpful in helping to expose this deception.

The Lord led me to this site about Igho, and I believe he will lead others as well.

I want to say Thank you for your post on Scams, because I found this to be a dilemma.

I will not post anymore on the topic.

Many blessings to you,
Assuredly in faith,

P.S. I really like your site 'This Walk', and I found your mini poll question to be a Devil's argument - which I didn't answer your question.

flyawaynet said...


I apologize. I never meant to sound 'unfriendly' as you put it. By "confront the issue" I suppose I'm only suggesting my rather tactless ways. If I want to know if someone is scamming me, I tend to bluntly (and most likely tactlessly) say "Here's why I think you're scamming me. Can you explain these issues or are you scamming me?"

I appreciate you posting the follow up to your e-mails with Igho, and I'm sorry you've decided not to post on the subject anymore because I would like to know how it all ends up. If Igho is for real, I'd send bibles in a heartbeat. I'm not even certain I'd be against sending bibles that he'd sell on the black market.
A bible salesman is a bible salesman is a bible salesman.

As to my poll question - please let me know if it becomes a stumbling block to your walk.

Parson Marguerite Earhart said...

Hi again flyawaynet:

Forgive me for misunderstanding you and my sensitivity, and I appreciate your post. I agree with you.

It's ok to call me Marguerite.

Stuff like this makes me mad. I would also very gladly send the Bibles as well, and was trying to figure out what to do that which is why I started doing the web searches.

Selling the Bibles on the black market is further taking advantage of people selling at an inflated cost. I believe it to be wrong all the way around.

I'm not certain if that IS what they are doing with the Bibles, but maybe the payoffs to get the Bibles in might be the actual scam. It was said in your information that there were those who paid money to do that.

I was reading up on Nigeria, and there is a terrible problem of crime and fraud. It also said there is a problem with money laundering.

Like I posted before emailed me that they stopped shipments to Nigeria due to theft and fraud when I asked them about it. I'll post what they said later on as well.

It could be simply someone who does not have anything better to do than be evil and mislead people.

Your mini poll wasn't a stumbling block to my walk at all. I find it an impossible-tough question to answer. One that I wouldn't ever want to find out the answer.

I find people would not know actually what they would do until they are in the actual circumstance.

Have to go to work.

Many blessings to you,
Assuredly in faith,

flyawaynet said...

God bless you too Marguerite. I'm very pleased that we're still on good terms. If I had taken time to more carefully word my original comment about confronting Igho, maybe the whole misunderstanding could have been avoided. I will be more careful from now on.

I would like to hear what comes back from Igho again, if he responds. Unfortunately, my gut scam alarm went off the minute I read the e-mail. I googled him mostly to find out how it was a scam.
Forget him/her trying to steal from me - I hate being lied to.

Rev. Marguerite Earhart said...

Hi Again.

It was revealed to me this evening a good way to donate Bibles to Africa.

I belong to American Bible Society's Bible-A-Month Club, and I like them a lot. They send to me different things in the mail for me to additionally donate to.

This month is to Africa - Kenya.

I received another spam email like this requesting large amount of expensive large print Bibles, but from a different person this time.

A better way to help different areas around the world to have Bibles is donating to American Bible Society or to the International Bible Society.

ABS's Bible-A-Month Club you can donate $4.00 per Bible each month to go somewhere in the world. They also translate Bibles into different languages as well.

The Lord showed me that this would be a good way to help.

I plan to make a donation for Africa towards Bibles.

This would be the best way to respond to the emails sent supposedly from Nigeria requesting Bibles.

Many blessings of peace to you,
Assuredly in faith,

Rev. Marguerite Earhart said...


Here is information that I received from The American Bible Society today in an email. I will post any new info I receive when I write to the Bible Society in Nigeria.

Many blessings of peace to you,
Assuredly in faith,

Subject: RE: Hello. I have a question concerning an email that I received.

Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 07:49:15 -0400

From: "John Greco" JGreco@americanbibl

To: "Rev. M. Earhart" lenicheministries@

Greetings -

Thank you for your e-mail.

Please pass this along to any contact regarding this topic - - -

As the American Bible Society is a part of the global Bible fellowship known as the United Bible Societies (UBS), we would request that you please contact the following Bible Society that is in your local region, to assist you with your request:

Bible Society of Nigeria
PO Box 68
Lagos State

Tel: +(234)-1 5876471/(234) -1-5457524

Fax: +(44)-207-900- 3360

E-mail: info@biblesociety-


Customer Service

American Bible Society