Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A burning lesson

Over at Raw Christianity, Gunner posted Knick-Knacks, Wildfires, Need, and Eternity. In the post he tells of a friend who lost his home and everything in it to the wildfires in California recently. He quotes a statement that his friend made:

We have a whole new perspective on life. The Lord has provided everything we need. We have a rental home, beds, refrigerator, washer/dryer. All the rest of the stuff that was in our home ended up being fuel for the fire. We are humbled and convicted about all the money we spent on knick-knacks and so forth that could have been spent helping other people. We are going to go about life completely differently this time. We are changed people.

I wrote an entire post about it, only to finally end up erasing it and coming back to rest at his quote. I wish I could express how close to my heart this is. If you could start all over with nothing, a brand new slate, would you actually try and keep it that way?

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good post. thanks