Monday, November 12, 2007

It's a bugs life.

She walked over to me in her pj's, her hair was wet and she was holding her hairbrush in her hand frowning at it. "I found bugs in my hairbrush again Net. Like fifteen of 'em."


It's a long hard struggle to get rid of lice. As this young girl can very easily tell you.

The struggle is hardest because unless you get out every single egg, then that one egg will hatch and the entire process will start over again.

Then, even if you got them all out, you might lay down on your bed and your pillow still have bugs. Or maybe the bugs are still where you sat in the car yesterday, and sitting there again today infested you again.

When you have bugs, you have to be constantly diligent to not just make them go away, but make sure they stay away.

It helps, to have someone standing behind you, able to look down on your head and see the bugs. Because when they're attached to you, you rarely see them yourself. You just feel the itch.

After we finished doing as much as we could on this young girls hair, she turned to me, absolutely disheartened that this long standing problem was still a problem. I could only hug her and tell her I was sorry, and that I'd help all I could. She's tired of bugs.

I'm tired of sin.

It's harder to get rid of than lice.

Every time I wash, the sin just keeps creeping back. And if I let it go awhile, the infestation gets exponentially worse. There's nothing more frustrating than this constant battle between spirit and flesh. But I'm glad I've got a Friend that's willing to go through it with me. Willing to help get it all out. A Friend that doesn't get frustrated that I haven't been combing my life for sin every day so that the infestation could be eliminated. He just patiently picks up and starts to work, cleansing and perfecting.

It was the lesson I learned from lice.


Anonymous said...

ah. good lesson, thanks for sharing.

Brother Marty said...

I don't always get the ticks on our animals. I try...but often fail to get them all. It is only when they make themselves visible that I can attack and remove them. But with lice it is more difficult.

I faced that challenge when my children were young. Yikes, what a challenge it is. My heart hurts for you, and is at the same time in a sense of encouragement for you. Go Girl! Take care of that messy situation!

And yep...I see the sin parallels...yes indeed. Good post.