Friday, February 29, 2008

Little One Leaves

Today is the day Lord, you knew on July 29th 2007 that today, Feb 29th 2008 would be the day.

There’s so much I wish I could pray about this that I just can’t. I’m even writing this because I’m more likely to get through it.

Take care of her God. Protect her. Draw her to Yourself, and when no on else is around to remind her of how wonderful and lovable she is… remind her Lord. Help her to remember Your love. Draw her to You, and as she ages help her to consider You more and more until one day she understands her need of you. Show her Lord, in all Your special ways that You desire a personal relationship with her. Help her not to imagine You far off, and impersonal. Help her never to settle for being Religious when she could be Your daughter.

Send people in her life to love her. To teach her all the important things she’ll need to know. Comfort her Father against the pain and confusion of the next weeks and months. Help her to sleep, and rest and eat. Give her peace that her small body doesn’t realize she needs.

Work in her parents Lord. Break the chains that hold them back from being the people, and parents, and family that You would have them to be. More than anything else, let Your will be done in their lives and situations Father, and may no weapon or attacks of the enemy be able to divert Your plan for their lives. Give them not only hope for the future, but a passion for it as well. Teach them, lead them, give them Your love for Little One that even they never imagined having before. Give them wisdom into situations they may not realize could be harming their daughter.

Help me to love her deeply today. That I would send her off on this new journey in such a way that she would not be afraid, or worried. I never imagined a 3 yr old could worry until I met her. Help me to say the right things to keep her from her worries. And I just can’t say it enough, protect her. Protect her. Protect her every moment, every hour of every day. Protect her.

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