Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What should He have promised us?

So I've got a 3 yr old child that has the hardest time in the world going to sleep. Exhausted, worn out, yawning her eyes out, she still won't stop moving long enough to fall asleep.
Relying on an age old trick I informed her that if she managed to lay in bed, NOT get up, NOT turn on the light, NOT get out toys, NOT go sit in the rocker, NOT start singing at the top of her lungs... I'd get her donuts for breakfast tomorrow.
Silence reigned.

I enjoy that. My picky little eater has some favorites that's she's willing to do a lot for. And as long as I don't abuse the donut gimmick, it'll work for me.

I wonder, when God stops to think about it, just how disappointed He is in us. Does He ever stop and think "I've promised them THIS.... Heaven... gave them the most vivid picture I could draw in their human minds of how great it would be... and they still won't do what their told."
Forget Heaven, maybe He should have promised us the entire season of American Idol on dvd, or a new HDTV and all 250 Dish Network channels (with premium movie/sport packages of course)... you know, something we're really interested in.

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